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10 Best Golf Clubs For Tall Men Reviews March 2023

Get here top 10 best golf clubs for tall guys review 2023 from our golf experts. Many golfer believes that their height doesn’t matter in selection of a golf club, but according to some professional golf institutes the height of a player is the most important factor in choosing the right men’s tall golf clubs. The key golf skill is to hit the golf ball right from the center of golf club which only possible if you’re using the correct length club according to your height.

There is also one concept called ‘Standard Club’ which is actually wrong, there is nothing as such standard sized club. The golfers always wanted to perform the best while playing game and for that they should have a right sized golf club set. If you’re taller then this article is written for you, We have shortlisted best golf clubs for tall men. Take a look below and don’t forget to review our site – Honest Review Center.

golf clubs for tall men


10 Best Golf Clubs For Tall Guys

1) Men's Complete Golf Club Package Set by Wilson CHECK PRICE
2) Callaway Men's Strata Golf Package Set CHECK PRICE
3) M5 Precise Men's Complete Golf Set CHECK PRICE
4) 18 Piece Men's Complete Golf Set Package CHECK PRICE
5) New Men's Left Handed Complete Golf Set Package CHECK PRICE
6) Men's 19 Piece Complete Golf Club Set By Precise Golf Company CHECK PRICE
7) M3 Precise Men's Complete Golf Clubs Package CHECK PRICE
8) Aspire XD1 Men's Golf Package Set CHECK PRICE
9) Cobra Men's F-Max Superlight Golf Set CHECK PRICE
10) RAM Golf Accubar Plus Right Hand Clubs Set CHECK PRICE


1) Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set by Wilson

men's tall golf clubs


Check Price on Amazon   

Amazon Customer Reviews: 4.5 Star out of 5

The Wilson company is well known for its golf products and is very popular in sports industry. Wilson men’s complete golf package set comes in many models ranging from $270 – $920 approximately. This golf club package set is best suitable for height between 6’1″ and 6’5″. Thus we can conclude that Wilson is considering wide range of customers in respect of both low and high budget.

The Wilson complete package sets consists of 1 × driver, 1 × 5 HY, 1 × wood, 1 × PW, 1 × SW, 5 to 9 irons, and 1 × putter. The package consists of 460cc driver set built with aerodynamic design and sweet large spot to deliver the ball at large distance. For longer straight shots there is deep stainless steel cavity back iron.

The weight is given at correct place of head, which provides lightweight feel and helps to make a shot much more faster.

Wilson is running hand on hand with the latest technology: The large carry features adjustable shoulder straps, more pockets, activating stand (self) and rugged top handle. The bag is also available in many colors, so there is lot of customization available as per golfer’s choice. This is our most recommended men’s tall golf clubs as it consists all essential clubs and improves user’s game very well.

  • Helpful For Intermediate Golfers
  • Feels Light Weight Because Weight Is In Iron
  • Available in Both Right and Left Orientation
  • Cavity Back Irons Helps in Longer Shots
  • Airy Shoulder Straps and
  • Self Activating Stand
  • Suitable For Beginners and Intermediate Golfers


2) Callaway Men’s Strata Golf Package Set For Tall Men

men's tall golf clubs

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Amazon Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5

If you are a beginner or intermediate level golfer then this could be your best choice, Because Callaway men’s strata golf package comes with 12 piece set which can help you in every tough situation while playing golf.

This is a complete set of best men’s tall golf clubs which includes total 12 pieces; 3 × wood, 5 × hybrid, 6 × 9 iron,  1 × putter, PW, 1 × driver, one stand bag and at last 2 head covers.

Callaway is providing wood driver 460cc forged with a large sized spot, titanium built head which helps you to hit the ball in a correct direction. For a high flying shot there are also an oversized 3 wooden clubs given. Callaway putter gives you an incredible accuracy for short shots.

For a big game improvement and greater control callaway added stainless steel 6 9 irons. To play variety of shots in an easy way Callaway replaced long irons clubs with hybrid clubs. As a golfer you know that the hybrid golf club is better alternative to long irons club.

  • Good Built Quality
  • Contains 12 Piece Sets Which Cover All Situations
  • Wood Club Contains Large Head
  • Better For Game Improvement
  • Good Putter
  • After Some Time Scratches May Be Seen


3) M5 Precise Men’s Complete Golf Set For Tall Person

men's tall golf clubs

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Amazon Customer Rating: 4.6 Star of 5

If you are a tall person and want to buy golf club then Precise have produced golf club for tall men. Precise M5 golf set package is available in 3 variations namely; Right hand tall size +1″, Left hand, and Right hand (normal size).

Precise M5 golf set comes with 3 wood, 5 – 9 iron set, 1 × 21 hybrid club, 1 × putter, PW S.S. irons, 1 × 460cc driver, 3 head covers and obviously last but not the least one standard deluxe bag. It is stated that this golf club package set is built for 6’1″ to 6’6″ height person.

For a beginner who just entered in golf course the 460cc driver given here will be the best driver for tall men. There is an offset driver included which helps you to hit slice shot more better. Also the precise 460cc driver helps a man to cover almost 260 yards easily and for a woman to cover 200 yards.

The bag comes with double shoulder strap and a kick activating stand. Many golfers also suggested this golf club set for intermediate golfers.

  • Offset Driver 460CC
  • Good Putter Reviews
  • Wood Club Comes With Graphite Shaft
  • Deluxe Quality Bag
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • It’s Suitable For Beginners
  • Heavy Weight Putter


4) 18 Piece Men’s Complete Golf Set Package For Above 6 Feet Height

men's tall golf clubs

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Amazon Customer Ratings: 4.5 out of 5

This 18 piece men’s golf club set is produced by The PreciseGolf Co. especially for tall height persons. So, if you are from 6’1″ to 6’4″ then this set is only made for you. This Precisegolf co.’s 18 piece set consists 1 × titanium driver, 1 × 3 Wood club, 1 × 5 Wood club, 1 × 4 × hybrid clubs, 5 × SS irons club set, 1 × putter, 4 head covers and one stand bag of premium quality.

The whole 18 piece set comes in 2 variables i.e., for tall persons having a height of 6’1″ and above and one set for regular height users say below 6’1″. If you are a quick learner and hacker to golf game then this golf set will improve your game much more faster than other golf sets.

This golf set will not let you down in any way, it gives you solid performance in your golf from day one itself. The club shaft given is long enough for persons who is tall say 6’4″ to not have to bend for multiple good shots.

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Driver is made of sweet large spot which helps you shot with much power and gives you long delivery of golf ball. Even a newbies who are playing with some of the clubs from this set performs quite very well. You can read product reviews on amazon also.

For a long yard shots there are given irons built with stainless steel which gives you more control and improved game experience. The fairway woods allows you to fly farther and higher easily. There is a sand wedge club given to help you play smoother in sand trap field.

The PreciseGolf Co. golf bag is made of good quality, It comes with many pockets and a good grip straps.

  • Improves Your Game Faster
  • Includes So Many Types of Golf Clubs; Covers Different Situations
  • Irons Helps You in Longer Shots
  • Driver’s Large Spot Covers Much Longer Distance
  • For Better Control Blade Putter Included
  • Premium Quality Bag
  • Few Well Known Clubs Not Included
  • Suitable For Beginner and Intermediate Level Golfer

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5) New Men’s Left Handed Complete Golf Set Package

men's tall golf clubs

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Amazon Customer Ratings: 4.4 Star out of 5

This golf clubs set is made by Pro Performance Golf company especially for left handed persons. If you are a lefty by orientation wants to play golf without facing any difficulties then this golf club set package can be your best choice.

Additionally to note that if you are a tall person say between 6’0″ to 6’6″ and lefty also then this is the best golf clubs set available right now. The pro performance golf has made these clubs 1 inch longer than the standard size golf clubs.

The Pro Performance Golf includes 1 × 460cc driver with 10.5 degree angle, 1 × 3 wood (15 degree), 1 × hybrid club (21  degree), 6 × irons, 1 × putter, dual strap bag with auto stand, and 3 × headcovers.

The putter comes with bigger base but it feels light weight plus having the shaft size +1 provides you more better focused shot. All 3 drivers that is 460cc driver, 3 wood and hybrid comes with graphite shaft and +1 size added in all clubs for you.

  • Made For Lefty Persons
  • Made For Tall Persons Between 6’0″ to 6’6″
  • +1 Inch Added in All Clubs
  • Dual Strap Bag With Automatic Stand
  • Matching Headcovers
  • Suitable To Beginners and Intermediate


6) Men’s 19 Piece Complete Golf Club Set By Precise Golf Company

men's tall golf clubs

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Amazon Customer Ratings: 4.5 Star of 5

This is another golf club set from precise golf company, earlier first product that we suggests is 18 piece set and this is upgraded version of that set. This set includes total of 19 piece of golf clubs i.e., 1 × driver titanium build, 3 × hybrids (3-5), 3 × wood clubs fairway, 6 × SW irons, 5 × head covers, putter and precise stand bag.

The precise golf company offers this 19 piece set in 2 variables 1) Standard size and 2) Tall size +1″. Notably the tall sized set is much cheaper then standard size set. So, it a good benefit for persons looking for golf clubs with +1″.

The driver head is designed with industry aerodynamics to increase the speed of swing. The CG points are located in an alignment that you will cover more distance in a golf court.

The precise has made clubs face more thinners and light weight which helps you to swing between 9 to 12 degrees as well. The wood clubs comes with flex shaft and irons with rifle shafts. To add more value to this set the precise golf company added multi material grips rather than normal rubber grips to smoothen your game.

  • Great Choice For Intermediate Golfers
  • Good CG Alignments
  • Fairway Wood Clubs
  • 19 Piece Set Helps in Different Shots
  • Good Stand Bag
  • Somewhat Cheap Compared To Other Brands
  • After Sometime Driver May Gets Dented


7) M3 Precise Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package

men's tall golf clubsCheck Price on Amazon   

Amazon Customer Ratings: 4.3 Star of 5

Precise M3 men’s complete golf set comes with regular, petite and tall size variables. The tall size includes all clubs with +1″ shaft and petite version comes with -1″ from regular size.

The package comes with 13 piece of set i.e., 1 × driver, 1 × hybrid club (21 degree), 1 × fairway 3 wood club, 6 × pitching wedge clubs, 3 × head covers, one putter and one stand bag. Not all clubs in this package comes with long shafts but almost all clubs have long shafts which is very helpful for tall persons.

Persons with 6’1″ and above should choose tall version of this set which does not let you bend down to shoot the ball. +1″ size shaft helps you to play consistent shots with more accuracy and at farther distance.

The wood club comes with aerodynamic design that hits the ball more straighter and ultimate covers more distance. Head covers and stand bag comes in matching colors which gives premium look to your golf package set. The precise bag comes with dual strap which gives you light weight feel while carrying it.

M3 set gives you more access to play different shots with their golf clubs but it not includes all golf clubs that an experience golfer needs. So, We can say that it is more suitable for beginner and intermediate golfers.

  • Driver Comes With Aerodynamic Design
  • Long Shafts
  • Variable Golf Clubs Helps in Playing Different Shots
  • Good Quality Stand Bag
  • Woods and Irons Performs Very Well
  • Made in United States
  • Decent Built Quality
  • Not For Expert Golfers (For Beginner and Intermediates Only)


8) Aspire XD1 Men’s Golf Package Set For Tall Men

men's tall golf clubs

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Amazon Customer Ratings: 4.4 Star of 5

The Aspire XD1 is available in 2 variants i.e., Tall size and regular standard size. The XD1 men’s golf clubs package includes 1 × titanium driver, 1 × fairway wood club (S.S.), 1 × hybrid club (S.S.), 6 × pitching wedge irons set (S.S. built), 1 × putter, 3 × headcovers, and 1 bag.

One thing mark that the Aspire XD1 golf set package is built for right handed golfers and it is not for left handed persons. Wood club comes with graphite shaft and irons with true temper steel shafts. Suitable for persons with 6’1′” and above height. Persons with good height actually likes the +1″ shaft in all clubs, it gives them extra long play.

Aspire Xd1 clubs covers more distance with more accuracy. It comes with all essential clubs which are necessary for a beginner.

Matching dual strap blue color bag gives more premium look to this golf set. Aspire XD1 is specially built for 6’4″ height users and also who are new comers to golf.

  • 460CC Titanium Driver
  • Fairway Wood With Graphite Shaft
  • S.S. Irons Set With True temper Shaft
  • Great Choice For Beginners
  • Dual Strap Matching Bag
  • Not For Expert and Intermediate Level Golfers
  • Not For Left Handed Person




9) Cobra Men’s F-Max Superlight Golf Set For Tall Guys

men's tall golf clubsCheck Price on Amazon   

Amazon Customer Ratings: 4.6 Star of 5

Cobra F-Max golf package is all set to go for a tall men who is right handed and above 6’1″. The cobra f-max men’s complete golf set includes: 1 × driver, 1 × 3-wood, 1 × 4-wood, 5 × pitching wedge and 1 × sand wedge club, 1 × putter, and 1 ultralite golf bag.

The clubs given are built with graphite shafts which gives you more accuracy in terms of balancing. Cobra golf clubs provides easy to shoot to cover maximum distance and forgiveness.

In terms of money this is somewhat costlier as compared to other suggest best golf clubs for tall man but for an expert level golfer this is a good choice. Mostly above golf clubs set are for beginners and intermediate level golfers but this set we can say that is for a expert golfer.

So, if you are no more intermediate person in golf course then you should have improved and good quality golf clubs designed for experts and obviously for tall persons.

  • Designed For Tall Right Handed Person
  • Ultralite Dual Strap Bag
  • Graphite Shafts
  • Sand Wedge Included
  • Not Include All Expert Needed Clubs


10) RAM Golf Accubar Plus Right Hand Clubs Set For Tall Men

men's tall golf clubs

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Amazon Customer Ratings: 4.5 Star of 5


The RAM company’s golf set designed specifically for long height persons. There are 4 variants available to this golf clubs set i.e., All graphite – standard length, Graphite/steel – 1″ longer, Graphite/Steel – 1″ shorter, Graphite/steel – standard length. So, If you are a pro golfer person then you have 4 choice for your RAM golf clubs.

The package includes: 1 × 460cc driver, 1 × 3 wood club, 1 × hybrid (24 and 27), 6 × pitching wedge (6-7-8-9) and two sand wedge clubs, 1 × putter, and 1 × deluxe stand bag.

There is a driver of 460cc with an oversized head with graphite shaft. Wood and hybrid clubs also comes with 100% graphite shaft. Matching headcover are also there to give an extra premium look. The putter has mallet style which helps you in better stability and correct alignment.

All clubs comes with +1″ which gives extra long play to long height player. The deluxe stand bag comes with dual shoulder straps and lot of storage pockets. The bag has also auto pop out stand feature.

  • 460CC Driver With 10.5 Loft
  • 100% Graphite Shafts on All Driver
  • 1″ Inch Longer Shaft in All Clubs
  • Deluxe Auto Stand Bag
  • Driver is Somewhat Bulky
  • Suitable For Beginner Golfers


Buying Guide For Golf Clubs For Tall Men

According to a survey there is only 5-10% persons in golf industry who are getting fit to standard size of golf clubs. Although one thing you should note is that there have not been developed any universal standard size of golf clubs. All major golf brands are producing and designing golf clubs in their own different measurement base.

Golfers are not aware of the importance of golf clubs measurement and do adjust their body according to the golf clubs length while playing the game. This is one of the major reason for not reaching their highest potential. Thus, We are here to explain each and every little thing that matters in selecting the best tall guys golf club.

Chart For Golf Club Length

Player Height Adjustment To Club Length
< 4’10” Less 2″
4’10” – 5’0″ Less 1½”
5’0″ – 5’2″ Less 1″
5’2″ – 5’4″ Less ½”
5’4″ – 5’7″ Less ¼”
5’7″ – 6’1″ Standard Size
6’1″ – 6’2″ Add ¼”
6’2″ – 6’4″ Add ½”
6’4″ – 6’6″ Add 1″
6’6″ – 6’8″ Add 1½”
6’8″+ Add 2″


What Golf Club Length Do I Need?

In golf game the size of the club matters the most and for that person’s wrist to floor size factor considered. Here are the measurement chart given for selecting best golf clubs:

Wrist to Floor Length (Inches) Golf Club Length Adjustment
29″ – 34″ Less 1/2 Inch
32″ – 34″ Less 1/4 Inch
34″ – 37″ Standard Size
37″ – 38.5″ Add 1/4 Inch
38.5″ – 40″ Add 1/2 Inch

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FAQ’s – Best Golf Clubs For Tall Guys

What Factors Needs To Be Considered While Buying Men’s Tall Golf Clubs?

1) Individual Club Vs Set Golf Club

This decision can affect your whole golf experience in the field because if you’ve selected club set instead of individual customized club then you must make sure that all required clubs are there in your golf bag.

In a golf club set there should be a good mix of irons and wood which helps you to play different shots. One more thing is you must have a sand wedge (SW) in a club set because while playing in the field you will require to play shots in sand pitch.

If you are thinking to buy individual customized golf clubs then you can make a good collection of clubs. The problem is with the budget because it will cost you from $500 to $2000 range (as per your choice).

2) Height

Your height matters in deciding what size of shaft you required to play smoothly in field. As said earlier your wrist to floor measurement will decide your golf club size.

If you’re between 5’7″ to 6’1″ then you need to buy standard size means 45 inches shaft (44 in case of graphite shaft and 44 for steel shafts). if you’re above 6’1″ then choose +1 inch long shaft.

3) Lie Angle

Here lie angle in golf means the angle between an center edge of your club head and the shaft. For shooting every ball in an accurate lie angle you must have correct length driver club set. Most of the players wants to play more better but they can’t because of their instable stance with the length of their golf club.

4) Price of Golf Clubs

As reviewed above there are lot of golf clubs set available for tall men but you cannot buy all. Hence, price matters the most in case of medium budget. So, choose wisely by analyzing what mix of irons and wood, Pitching wedge, sand wedge, graphite or steel shaft you want in your golf bag.

5) Comfort

After considering all factors the last and main factor that decide your final decision is your preference and comfort. Many newbie and pro golfers are there who are petite in height but prefers long shaft clubs instead of standard or short size clubs and vise versa.

So, You should decide which golf club is more suits you that fits your body instance. Thank you.


Do Taller Guys Need Longer Golf Clubs?

No, Not all tall guys above 6 feet requires long golf club. It depends on their height, body instance, and comfort. So, It varies from person to person. All you have to analyze is you’re comfortable with standard size golf set or not. If not, Then go for our suggested best golf clubs for tall men, It will help you to explore your real potential for the game.

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How Tall You Should Be For Tall Golf Clubs?

As per our expert analysis if you have wrist to floor distance of 35 inches then go for standard size men’s golf club set. If you have more than 35 inches WTF measurement then go to add 1″ long shaft in your golf clubs.

If you’re a person with disproportion length of anatomy and having long figure then legs then you might not need tall sized men’s club set, You can play with standard sized club easily.


How Wrist To Floor Measurement Works For Tall Men?

There are 3 rules which are derived after study of many blogs and research articles on golf clubs.

  • Wrist to floor measurement is less than 35 inch then buy golf club of standard size – 1″ shorter shaft
  • WTF measures to around 35 inch then go for standard sized golf clubs set
  • WTF measures for more then 35 inches then buy standard sized club set + 1″ longer shaft

These 3 rules also overrides your body anatomy because if you’re having longer arms or shorter it will be counted in wrist to floor measurement.


What Are The Best Golf Clubs For 6’2″ Men?

Here are the list of best golf clubs for 6’2 men:

  • Men’s complete golf package set by Wilson
  • M5 precise men’s complete golf clubs set
  • New men’s left handed golf set package (For left handed persons only)
  • Aspire XD1 men’s complete golf set
  • Cobra F-max superlight golf package set (For right handed users only)

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What Size Golf Clubs For a 6’4 Men?

As per our expert analysis a person with a height of 6’4 inch should add 1/2′ inch adjustment to club length (Means adjustment is to be added in the shaft part).

Depends on the build of your shaft either it is made of graphite or with iron. Make sure you make adjustment with the help of an expert with the same material built of.



So, We conclude that there are several factors which are need to be considered before making purchase of any golf clubs. Especially if you’re a person having above 6 feet height. If you are a tall men with disproportion of anatomy then also you can choose standard sized golf club set, because it majorly depends on WTF measurement. Read full article carefully each and every questions are relatable for all tall golfers, Thank you.

If you have any doubts regarding this article or golf related queries then feel free to ask your questions at [email protected]