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Best Indoor Putting Green Reviews 2023 & Buying Guide

If you want to practice or play indoor golf but don’t have enough space in your house, We have a solution for you. You can play your game in backyard area or in garage also. For that, you don’t need a very large sized backyard but normal size is enough for play. Below we have suggested 10 best indoor putting green for backyard, office, and home. Choose your best fit sized and featured indoor putting green and enjoy your game.

Putting is the most required skill in golf game which covers around 40% to 50% of total score points. So, for winning a golf course tournament match you must have good putting skill. It’s not that easy, Putting requires daily hours of practice in order to become a pro golfer. Don’t have time to go daily golf course for practice? We have a solution for you. Now, you can practice your putting skill in home itself. Honest review center brings the best 10 indoor putting green for backyard golf hitting mat reviews for all country users.

Best Indoor Putting Green Review March 2023

We have selected 10 best indoor putting golf mat out of many good putting green mats available in a market. Just stay a tuned with us for all categories of golf products and golf game improved tips.

indoor putting green


Our Selected Best Indoor Putting Green Golf Mats

Putt A Bout Par Three Putting Green Golf Mat CHECK PRICE
SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green CHECK PRICE
AbcoTech Indoor Golf Putting Green With 3 Balls CHECK PRICE
SKLZ Indoor Putting Green 3 × 9 Feet CHECK PRICE
PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat CHECK PRICE
Perfect Practice Putting Mat Indoor Golf Mat CHECK PRICE
Proactive Sports VariSpeed Putting Mat CHECK PRICE
Putt-A-Bout Golf Putting Mat 3×11 Feet CHECK PRICE
JEF World Of Golf Hazard Deluxe Putting Mat CHECK PRICE
SHAUN WEBB Professional Indoor Putting Green Mat CHECK PRICE

1) Putt A Bout Par Three Putting Green Golf Mat

indoor putting green


We have ranked this golf mat in 2023 also because this is the most selling and good rated golf mat. Not just because it’s lower priced but in terms of quality and after doing lot of study of user reviews.

This Putt a bout golf mat have measurement of 3 by 9 feet. It also has non scratch support that is very good feature in this price segment.

Putt a bout par three putting green mat is a kidney shaped putting green for practice in house. It can fit in your living room, bed room, warehouse, garage and in kitchen also. You can practice your putting while watching TV itself.

The putt-a-bout par three putting mat is manufactured in United States from PET resin material which is very good in this price range.

Putt a bout added sand trap which gives you feel of practicing in real field golf course. It also helps you to improve your real game. Putt a bout par three putting green has 3 cutouts cup which improves your putting skill in many angles.

indoor putting green

In this price segment this can be the best putting green mat as per specs. So, if you’re at lower budget then this mat is made for you only. And if you’re willing to purchase a very premium putting green mat then read full article.


  • Made with PET resin material
  • High quality smooth surface
  • 3 deep cups for better practice
  • Non scratch support
  • Made in USA

Feature Wise Ratings:

Accuracy: 4.6 Star of 5

Value for money: 4.6 Star of 5

Durability: 4.6 Star of 5

Wrinkle Free: 4.5 Star of 5

 Giftable: 4.7 Star (Recommended For Gift)

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  • Comes 3 By 9 Feet in Size, Fits in Any Area of House
  • Little Upslope in Front Side
  • Higher Quality in Low Price
  • It Really Helps in Improving Your Real Game
  • Rolls Easily and Fits in a Corner
  • Memory Foam in The End, So Do Not Wrap It Too Tightly
  • Basic Practice Putting Green
  • Sometimes Get Wrinkles Near The Holes Which May Interfere The Ball



2) SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green With Ball Returnindoor putting green


This SKLZ indoor putting green golf mat has been made for both freshers and pro level golfers. This putting green golf mat has measurements of 9 feet × 16.25 inches.

This golf mat is built with some special features like it automatically returns your ball after you hit in the cup. If you’re putting from highest 7 feet distance then also the ball will automatic return to you. You don’t have to move your foot an inch in order to get your ball.

The SKLZ accelerator pro golf mat comes with three key putting lengths i.e., 3 feet, 5 feet and 7 feet. It has true roll surface which gives you feel of real greens. There is upslope at the cup side because it is now become a general specification. All companies are adding upslope on cup surface.

An adjustable gravity ball return feature for each distance is built in. It also has alignment guide which helps you to maintain consistency of putting.

indoor putting green


  • It measures at 9 feet × 16.25 inches
  • Automatic ball return feature
  • 3 aspect of putting: 3 feet, 5 feet and 7 feet
  • True roll surface material
  • Promote every aspect of consistency in putting

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Features Wise Rating:

Accuracy: 4.3 Star out of 5

Easy to assemble: 5.0 Star out of 5

Value for money: 4.3 Star out of 5

Giftable: 4.5 Star out of 5


  • Multiple Aspects of Putting Available 3,5,7 Feet
  • 9 Foot Size is Suitable For Home and Office Both
  • Upslope Gives Real Green Motion
  • Auto Ball Return Gravity Feature
  • Good Quality Material
  • Helps Improving Your Putting Skill
  • Preferable For Improving Speed and Touch
  • Bit Too Easy To Hit The Cup
  • Sometimes Coming With Bumps Due To Roll and Packaging But After Sometime It Gets Straight



3) AbcoTech Indoor Golf Putting Green With 3 Balls

indoor putting green


AbcoTech indoor golf putting green comes in 3 varieties 1) putting mat with 3 halls, 2) putting mat with auto ball return and 3) putting mat with fringe. So, Now you have a choice which one you wants to buy that suits you best.

You can use this golf putting mat in home, office, garage and backyard or anywhere else. It rolls up easy and smoothly.

You can put your 3 golf balls and putter in this AbcoTech indoor putting mat. AbcoTech is saying that their golf mat gives you feel of life like grass which gives you realistic experience along with impulsive shots while on real golf course.

The golf mat has auto ball return feature as like previous SKLZ accelerator indoor putting green mat. But on a look the AbcoTech looks of more good quality. While practicing on AbcoTech putting green mat you can focus all your energy in putting only and not on taking back your golf ball.

In addition, In 2nd and 3rd variable of this indoor putting mat you will get 3 golf balls in total which also helps you in playing more shots in no time.

The first version comes with 3 halls as far 2nd and 3rd comes with 2 halls (one is bigger and other of smaller in-size).

However, We suggest you to go for 2nd version as compared to 1st version of 3 halls golf mat. But, if you want to feel real golf course then go for fringe mat version.

The fringe version looks so premium which also helps you to play better in real course of course.

indoor putting green


  • Compact and Transferable Golf Mat
  • Extended Length
  • Auto Ball Return System
  • 3 Balls In Package
  • Simply Open Mat and Start Playing

Feature Wise Rating:

Sturdiness: 4.0 Star out of 5

Easy To Assemble: 4.4 Star out of 5

Durability: 4.0 Star out of 5

Value For Money: 3.9 Star out of 5

  • Carpet is Thick
  • Ball Return Works Well
  • You Can Store Putter and 3 Balls in Mat
  • Easy To Install
  • Compact and Easy To Store
  • The Mat Does Not Lay Flat (Sometimes Bumps Arise)
  • Elements Comes Are of Plastic Material
  • Golf Club Not Included



4) SKLZ Indoor Putting Green 3 × 9 Feet

indoor putting green


This is one more product of SKLZ that we reviewed and it has a good amount of positive response. The SKLZ indoor putting green mat has 3 halls for better practice in multiple angles.

It has measurement of 3 × 9 feet and actual roll surface of greens up to 8.5 feet. You can gain confidence of your putting skill using this SKLZ putting mat.

The SKLZ putting green mat can fit in any part of your house due to optimized size of 8 feet and 6 inch.

The true roll surface gives feeling of real green. So, challenge yourself to practice on real green mat in your home itself and become a pro putter.

The SKLZ putting mat has bunkers behind the halls to catch it in case of you missed the shot. It rolls up smoothly and easily stored.

indoor putting green


  • Artificial Real Putts
  • Upslope at Cup Side
  • Bunkers Behind The Cups
  • True Roll Surface
  • 3 Hall Cups

Features Wise Rating:

Durability: 4.6 Star out of 5

Easy To Use: 4.7 Star out of 5

Light Weight: 4.8 Star out of 5

Accuracy: 4.3 Star out of 5

Value For Money: 4.4 Star out of 5

Giftable: 4.6 Star out of 5

  • Rubber Backing
  • Green True Roll
  • Improves Both Accuracy and Speed
  • 3 Halls With Different Depth
  • Suitable in House and Office Both
  • Good Choice For Gifting
  • Thick Enough
  • Doesn’t Have Auto Ball Return Feature
  • Golf Cups Not Included



5) PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat

indoor putting green


The PuttOut pro golf putting mat is built with heavy rubber which allows the mat to flatten easily on any surface. It is smoothly rolls up and stored in a solid carry bag comes with it.

PuttOut pro golf putting mat has measure of 240 cm/ 7 feet and 11 inch height & 50 cm/ 1 feet 8 inch width.

comes with a marking of up to 6 feet on mat, pace targets, and alignment targets which gives you challenge to practice in every way of your game.

The PuttOut pro golf putting mat is available in many colors Green, Blue/Black, Gray, and Yellow/Green.

A stim meter reading of 10 is given with high quality cut pile surface to reproduce medium to high speed.

indoor putting green


  • Straight Shoot
  • Green Speed
  • Close Fitting Carry Bag
  • Rolls Flat
  • Pro Level Medium Size
  • Stim Meter Reader

Features Wise Rating: 4.7 Star Out of 5

  • Awesome Carry Bag
  • Alignment Markings
  • The Mat Grip on Floor is Very Good (Not Slippery)
  • Improves Putting Consistency
  • Easy To Carry on Travelling
  • Helpful For Handicapped Users
  • Pro Golfer Founds It Easy (Hence, Suitable For Beginners and Intermediate)
  • Fair Speed
  • Sometimes Groove Down The Putting Line




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6) Perfect Practice Putting Mat Indoor Golf Mat

indoor putting green


Now, Practice putting like a pro golfer with the help of this amazing recommended golf mat. The Perfect practice store has made this indoor putting golf mat for all level golf players.

The perfect practice putting golf mat is the best for short and long distance training i.e., 2 feet, 4 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet.

It is trusted by the pro level golfer Dustin Johnson. He is 2 time major champion of PGA tour pro tournament.

The putting mat looks premium and also improves your game faster and better as compared to other indoor putting mats.

The mat is built with unique crystal velvet material, gives experience of real green course putting.

The perfect practice indoor putting mat has also auto ball return feature. No need to move an inch to collect your ball return. Just start putting and move from mat when you finished.

indoor putting green


  • High Quality Mat
  • Auto Ball Return
  • 9’6″ Standard in Size
  • Features 2 Hole For Enhanced Training
  • Can Used in Home, Office and Outdoor

Features Wise Rating:

Value For Money: 3.7 Star of 5

Giftable: 4.2 Star of 5

Accuracy: 3.7 Star of 5

  • Right Side Smaller Hole, Left Side is Standard Sized
  • Small Hall Makes You Better in Game
  • Surface Finish Looks Very Cool
  • Improves Confidence
  • Sometimes Auto Ball Return is okay in Work
  • After Sometime Bumps Shown up



7) Proactive Sports VariSpeed Putting Mat

indoor putting green


A 100% polyester putting mat with a measurement of 10 foot and 20 inch. Designed to feet in your living room, office, garage or backyard, or anywhere else easily.

ProActive Sports introduced golf putting mat loaded with coaching instructions and practice 4 different speeds on one mat which is not found in any other putting mats.

Now, You can practice your putting skill in speed range of 7.5 to 13 on this ProActive sports varispeed putting mat.

Proactive varispeed putting system allows you to put in 4 speeds with the use of brush included in the package. There is customizable and realistic bumps given along with the mat which helps you to practice your game like a pro golfer.

Manual guide includes training exercises and multiple player games. It is also easy to roll up and store.

indoor putting green


  • Perfect Size of 10 Feet Fits Anywhere
  • 4 Stimp Tested Speed From 7.5-13
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Smart Guidelines Drawn
  • Rolls Up Fast

Features Wise Ratings:

Accuracy: 4.6 Star of 5

Durability: 4.3 Star of 5

Value For Money: 4.2 Star of 5

Easy To Assemble: 4.6 Star of 5

Giftable: 4.5 Star of 5


  • Variable Speed
  • Very Helpful in Speed Improve
  • Additional Attachments (Bumpers, Halls)
  • Best For Short Game Players
  • Rolls Out Smooth and Lays Flat
  • Hall Comes As Attachment



8) Putt-A-Bout Golf Putting Mat 3×11 Feet

indoor putting green


Putt-A-Bout golf putting mat has measurement of 11 foot by 3 feet (36 inch). The 36 inch width helps you to stand on putting mat itself which not possible on many other mats.

This putting mat is flatter and rolls out smoother and suitable for residential and office use.

The putt-a-bout has added premium back on this mat which helps in lays flatter and not causing any folds or bumps on surface.

If you have these requirements then this putting mat suits best for you: 1) Have 10 feet long, 2) Have Adjustable targets, 3) Priced under 100 dollars, and 4) Able to stand on the mat surface.

Amazon Rating: 4.5 Star of 5.0

indoor putting green


  • Wide Surface of 3 Feet
  • Adjustable Halls
  • Multiple Attachments
  • Not Expensive
  • High Quality Mat
  • Premium Back
  • Able To Stand on Mat Surface
  • Noticeable Improvement in Game
  • Value For Money
  • Able To Move Cups
  • For Beginners
  • 11 Feet Long Size Required Some Space



9) JEF World Of Golf Hazard Deluxe Putting Mat

indoor putting green


JEF world of golf hazard putting mat have size of 69 inch (1′ × 8′) with automatic ball return system.

The JEF made world of golf hazard putting mat is made with cup, directionless grass, water threat and a bunker too.

The inclined angle develops true decisiveness of your hit. Your ball will auto return every time due to auto ball feature built into it.

You can challenge your self to improve your accuracy with one additional feature given in it. That is, It have one inch landing area on the edge of cup. You should practice to stop your golf ball on that one inch space given. It will really improves your accuracy of putting and speed control.

indoor putting green


  • Bunker
  • Water Hazard
  • Unique Ball Return System
  • landing Area on Edge of Cup

Features Wise Rating:

Accuracy: 4.1 Star of 5

Value For Money: 3.4 Star of 5

Wrinkle Free: 3.8 Star of 5

Sturdiness: 3.0 Star of 5

Durability: 2.8 Star of 5

Giftable: 3.5 Star of 5

  • Auto Unique Ball Return
  • Optimized in Size (69 Inch)
  • Water Hazard Challenge
  • Improves Accuracy Better Than Other Mats
  • Upslope Area
  • Does Not Include Putter and Ball Either
  • Green Feels Very Basic and Not Premium One
  • Base is Made of Plastic



10) SHAUN WEBB Professional Indoor Putting Green Mat

indoor putting green


Coming with the measurement of 3 by 9 feet and 3 times thick durable foam than other putting mats. SHAUN WEBB has made this professional putting mat both for beginners and pro golfers.

The mat has built with turf like surface which gives you real green feel. It has no crease issues nor bumps issues due to its good quality surface.

It is suitable for both left handed and right handed golfers. This one of the best golf putting green mat that we recommend to out web users.

On a cup side there is a slight upslope which helps you to improve your speed and accuracy. The size of the cup is standard and enough deep cutted.

100% recyclable polyester surface and non slippery rubber made bottom gives amazing game play experience. SHAUN WEBB promises 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

indoor putting green



  • 3× Thicker Than Others
  • 100% Polyester
  • Long Sized of 9 Feet
  • Turf Like Surface
  • Non Slippery Rubber Bottom

Features Wise Rating:

Accuracy: 4.0 Star of 5

Easy To Use: 4.8 Star of 5

Durability: 4.0 Star of 5

Giftable: 4.3 Star of 5

Value For Money: 4.1 Star of 5

  • Slight Upslope Movement
  • 3 Times Thicker Foam
  • Optimized Size
  • Deep Cups
  • Almost No Crease (If Any Founds Then It Will Go In 1 Day, Don’t Worry)
  • Halls Are Somewhat Bigger





Buying Guide For Indoor Putting Green Golf Mat:

No matter whether you are beginner, intermediate or pro golfer, This indoor putting green buying guide will remain same for all. All golfers should assess the criteria and basic goals given below in order to buy a perfect indoor putting green.

Factors that needs to be considered for getting your best suitable indoor putting green:

1) Size of The Putting Green Mat: When you have limited space in your house, office or backyard then choose your putting green accordingly. Otherwise its just waste of your money, You will not able to improve your game from an unfitted putting mat. The mat should lay flattered in order to practice on it.

2) Durability: Always choose a good quality putting green in order to practice well. Better the mat quality better it is to improve your putting game. Read our given pros and cons in your selected putting green. We have also described durability ratings.

3) Portable: Always assess that which material is used in base of your surface. If it is made of rubber foam but slimmed then it is little difficult to move your mat from one room to another.

If base of green mat is made of thick rubber foam then it is good because it has almost no bumps, crease, and waves.

4) Extra Features: Well, the basic idea is to practice your putting but now a days due to increased competition in golf putting green many companies are including extra features. Features like multiple hall cups, adjustable cups, putting speed adjustment from low to high, auto ball return, water hazard, upslope at front side, artificial bump attachments and many more things.

You don’t need to select the mat which covers almost all features coming in a market. Choose your mat which suits your goal for practice, whether you want to improve your accuracy or wants to control your putting speed.

5) Price: As always last but not the least, Money can be considered as first thing above all those 4 factors. But, as you’re a true golfer sometimes you have to make some adjustment in your budget too in order to buy the perfect product for your game which actually gives you benefit and not just gives fun.

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FAQ’s – Best Indoor Putting Green Golf Mats

1) What is standard size of indoor putting green mat?

The best standard size of the putting green mat is 6 feet but you can consider the size of the mat as per your available area to put in house, office, backyard or outdoor.

Height Size of Mat
5 Feet – 6 Feet 5’×5′
Above 6 Feet 5’×6′ or 5’×10′

2) Which indoor putting green shall we consider for gift purpose?

  • Putt-A-Bout Par Three Putting Green Mat
  • SKLZ Indoor Putting Green 3 × 9 Feet
  • PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat
  • SHAUN WEBB Professional Indoor Putting Green

Above 4 putting greens are our best suggestions for gifting. You can gift these to pro golfers also it will get suitable to them also.

3) Best Indoor Putting Green Under $100?

above all suggested golf putting green mats are under $100 priced except Perfect Practice Putting Mat Indoor Golf Mat. So, you can select any putting mat without having concerned about your budget.

4) What is Putting Green For Backyard Cost?

Well, If you have backyard of big size then go for the large one, It will give you more improved game experience. The cost of putting green for backyard will remain same as of putting green for home. It easily comes under $100 only. We will also review some professional putting mats for backyard stay a tuned with us. Thank you.


Indoor Putting Green Terms and Conditions

1) All suggested putting green for backyard and home are being analyzed by us and user reviews are assessed carefully. Although we advice you to read customer reviews on product page in order to see how these putting green actually works in real.

2) We are an affiliate partner of amazon associates and many other websites. We earn commission on your purchase done through our given links.

3) If you found any false or misrepresentation in any area of this content kindly contact us at our email address and let us know. We will look into it within 24 working hours. Thank you, Have a great day.



On a final note we conclude that users are purchasing putting green mat either for practice purpose or else just for having fun with colleagues and family. Hence, First decide your goal and then choose the best indoor putting green out of 10 accordingly.

Out of 10 suggested golf mats you can choose any and if you have any questions regarding products then feel free to contact us [email protected]. Thank you for visiting honestreviewcenter site, have a good day.