Here is what you are looking for, Get full review of FlightScope Mevo Plus Launch Monitor. In FlightScope mevo plus review article we have explained what comes in package and add on pro package along with pricing options, all features one by one, pros and cons as per our expert’s product experience.

We tell you the real facts that you should buy it or not! So, please read full article carefully.

Flightscope Mevo Plus launch monitor is an upgraded version of flightscope mevo golf sim. The upgraded version have 2 × tracking data parameters then mevo one.

Review of Flightscope Mevo Plus Launch Monitor

flightscope mevo plus review

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Features of FlightScope Mevo Plus:

  • 3D Tracking Radar Technology
  • Dial in Distance Control
  • Supports Golf Simulation Software
  • Analyze Current Local Weather Conditions
  • Customized Challenges
  • Send Instant Shot Data To Your Phone or Tablet or Smart Watch
  • In Built Voice Assistant
  • Set Minimum and Maximum Data Parameters
  • Auto Record Video
  • FlightScope Cloud Storage For Data and Videos (Shareable To Coach, Friends and Family)

What is Included in FlightScope Mevo+ Package?

  1. Mevo Plus Launch Monitor
  2. Carrying Pouch
  3. 50 Metallic Stickers
  4. USB Cable
  5. FlightScope Mobile Application

FlightScope Launch Monitor

Designed in a way to improve your game, benefited for both intermediate and pro golfers. It comes with 6.8″ width and 4.6″ height dimensions, launched in January 2020 at PGA Merchandise Show. The monitor have one camera built in for better sensor alignment.

Mevo+ has good and easy connectivity options you can connect any device with this launch monitor (i.e., mobile phone, iPad or iPhone).

Now, get your real-time analytical integrated data in free Application included with this package. The 3D doppler tracking system allows you to play both indoor and outdoor. While some high priced golf launch monitors not working in outdoor conditions, this mid range budget monitor provides this benefit.

Video Record Feature

The flightscope mevo plus monitor have auto video record feature. While you swing it captures your video automatically without any interruption and also cover your stats data.

You can watch and share your data stats along with video clips from mevo plus app.

It allows you to adjust your swing rates while doing practice to give you analytical stats of each swing.

flightscope mevo plus review


Golf Simulation Software

You will get many courses to play if purchased this launch monitor. You will not regret for this simulation software because the flightscope mevo plus includes E6 simulation software which includes following courses absolutely free:

  • Stone Canyon
  • Belfy
  • Sanctuary
  • Aviara
  • Wade Hampton

flightscope mevo plus review

In addition to this flightscope mevo plus also included a dart mini game and 17 other variable practice range course.

What Makes FlightScope Mevo+ Differ From Other Launch Monitors?

The all new fusion tracking technology makes it apart from other golf launch monitors. You will also get 5 E6 golf course (simulated), 17 practice range and darts mini game.

This device provides accurate data due to radar doppler tracking system built in.

Here take a look on features comparison of both variant. Always select the launch monitor based on your requirements and not from more features offered.

Comparison of Mevo and Mevo Plus Launch Monitor

Features Mevo Mevo Plus
Smash Factor Yes Yes
Flight Time Yes Yes
Club Head Speed Yes Yes
Carry Distance Yes Yes
Ball Speed Yes Yes
Angle of Attack No Yes
Roll Distance No Yes
Total Distance No Yes
Shot Shape No Yes
Spin Axis No Yes
Spin Loft No Yes
Vertical Launch Angle Yes Yes
Horizontal Launch Angle No Yes
Apex Height Yes Yes
Lateral Landing No Yes
Spin Rate Yes Yes


FlightScope Mevo+ Pro Package

Basically flightscope is offering some extra data parameters with add on package (pro package). These extra metrics will costs you $800. So, if you want to know these extra 11 data parameters then only buy pro package. These 11 extra metrics are as follows:

  1. Acceleration Profile
  2. Speed Profile
  3. Club Path
  4. Vertical Decent Angle
  5. Low Point
  6. Face To Target
  7. Vertical Swing Plane
  8. Horizontal Swing Plane
  9. Dynamic Loft
  10. Curve
  11. Face To Path

Is Add-on Package Worth To Buy?

Well, as per our Honest Review Center team’s opinion if you’re a pro golfer then only you need these extra metrics in use. Otherwise base package is good enough for you to improve your game further.

If you have any questions regarding flightscope mevo and mevo plus launch monitor then feel free to ask us at our email address: [email protected]


Fixed Alignment Dock For Mevo Plus Monitor

The fixed alignment dock is an extra add-on on your mevo plus launch monitor. It will helps you getting accurate data with the help of error free setup. It also be in the service of protective case which extends its life.

The alignment dock have 6 points of adjustments which allows you to set it on an angle which suits you better. The lean can change quickly from 16º to 12º.

Get Fixed Alignment Dock At Best Price  


FlightScope Mevo Plus Setup Requirements:

As said above you can use this launch monitor both indoor and outdoor but for these you have to set it up in a correct manner.

For Indoor: 7′-9′ behind the ball and 13′ minimum in front side. (metallic dots are required)

For Outdoor: positioned 7′-8′ behind the ball and there is no limit in ball flight when using it outdoor.

For Indoor Home Use: Minimum 8′ positioned behind the ball and 8′ flight distance in front side. (metallic dots are required)

If you want to know how to setup your own golf simulator for home then check out this article: Golf Simulator Home Setup Guide

flightscope mevo plus review

Pricing of FlightScope Mevo Plus and Pro Package

Name Price
FlightScope Mevo Plus Package $1,799 – Get It Now
Mevo Plus Pro Package $2,599 – Get It Now
Foxed Alignment Dock $249.99 – Get It Now

The Shopindoorgolf also provides you installment facility for all packages. You can select term of between 12, 18 and 24 months and installment amount as low as $83/month.

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FAQ’s of FlightScope Mevo Plus:

How Accurate is Flightscope Mevo Plus?

We have tested mevo+ launch monitor and find that sometimes it gives more than 3-4 yards off in data. But we also found that it works accurately with woods.

How is The Battery Life?

You can use flightscope mevo plus monitor continuously for about 90 minutes. But if you connect it with a power adapter while using it, then you will get unlimited time. So, if you want to play outside then must keep power adapter with you. Otherwise, it is not possible to keep playing golf whole day with a single charge.

Which Devices Can Be Connected With Mevo+?

You can connect all iOS devices with flightscope mevo plus monitor i.e., iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and also Apple Watch.

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As per our usage analysis of various golf launch monitor we have reached at a conclusion that Flightscope gives a professional launch monitor experience with a good accurate data parameters. The price of mevo+ is worth investing and it truly gives much higher benefits then its cost.

Trust me, What you’re looking for is all included in this mevo plus package and it’s pro package.

You can also come more closer to X3, Trackman and GC Quad by subscribing to its pro package. It provides App features and look of professional launch monitor app which doesn’t provided by cheaper launch monitors.

We have seen that some sellers are selling this at bit higher price also. So, make sure you’re purchasing it with our given link only it will be benefitted to you.

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FlightScope Mevo Plus Review

94% Awesome

As per our usage analysis of various golf launch monitor we have reached at a conclusion that Flightscope gives a professional launch monitor experience with a good accurate data parameters. The price of mevo+ is worth investing and it truly gives much higher benefits then its cost.

Trust me, What you're looking for is all included in this mevo plus package and it's pro package.

You can also come more closer to X3, Trackman and GC Quad by subscribing to its pro package. It provides App features and look of professional launch monitor app which doesn't provided by cheaper launch monitors.

  1. Offers exact and comprehensive swing data metrics, including ball speed, launch angle, spin rates, smash factor, and carry distance
  2. Utilizes innovative 3D Doppler radar tracking technology for very accurate measurements
  3. The device is portable and can be easily carried to the range or golf course
  4. It can be used both inside and outdoors
  5. It can be connected to the E6 Connect software to analyze data and organize practice sessions in detail
  6. The device has the capacity to record videos synchronized with swing data
  7. The battery has a lengthy duration of up to 8 hours
  8. It is comparatively less expensive than certain other high-end launch monitors
  1. Access to the complete E6 Connect analytical tools necessitates a paid subscription
  2. Sun glare or reflections can affect outdoor use
  3. The setup process requires careful alignment of the gadget
  4. It is important to note that the maximum tracking distance is limited to 200 yards
  5. There is no simulation mode available for virtual course play, unlike some more advanced models
  • ACCURACY 95 %
  • FEATURES 96 %
  • USABILITY 92 %
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0 %

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