Golf Cart Buying Guide And Tips

What should you consider before buying a golf cart? here you will know each and every factor that matters in purchasing a golf cart, whether it is a new one or used/ refurbished one. Honest review center brings the ultimate golf cart buying guide for you to choose the best featured golf cart just like your personality.

What is Golf Cart?

The golf carts are the vehicles that are intended to drive in golf course only and it does not exceed speed of 20 miles per hour. They are considered as low speed vehicles and also not legal to drive in street as it does not consists safety elements.

Earlier golf carts had called golf cars as per American National Standards Institute (ANSI), later on cart is pushed by people in it.

Currently there are three power source golf carts available in a market i.e., Battery powered, electric and gas golf carts.

How To Buy The Best Golf Cart?

golf cart buying guide

Buying a brand new golf cart or used golf cart is an important decision and you must consider few questions for that. Determine which golf cart fits best in your needs.

Should Buy a New or Used Golf Cart?

Well, both new and used or refurbished golf carts are good for you it just depends on your requirements. Both of these have their own pros and cons. What features you want in your golf cart will decide that you need a new golf cart or old one.

Why Should I Go For Used Golf Cart?

There are plenty of benefits in purchasing of used golf cart but the main benefit is almost Half Cost. This is the biggest advantage of buying a used or refurbished golf cart. Currently in a market there are golf carts which are working in a great condition and taken cared of. So, your money will not get wasted in buying it. All you have to do is inspect carefully and study the golf cart, that’s it!

Generally, used golf carts are started from $1500 range. If you’re getting a good deal then you can save upto 50% of new golf cart price.


What Factors You Should Keep in Mind Before Purchasing a Used Golf Cart?

  1. Golf Cart History: Ask the owner about the golf cart history, how old it is? There are still 70’s and 80’s golf carts that are running in course. Ask about the previous ownerships or such golf carts. If it is electric golf cart then know how old its batteries are, whether the golf cart is stored in a good clean place or not.
  2. Inspection: Make sure you inspect the golf cart with an expert, because you are not a mechanic, you’re a golf master. Many things that must be looked for is know by carts experts only. Bring a golf cart expert with you for sure.
  3. Accessories: Check that the golf cart has it’s origin cart accessories or not? Many a times there might be replaced cart accessories which are not original but a cheaper one installed. However, you can also get the original accessories along with it, which is a great deal in terms of money saving.
  4. Which Brand: The golf cart that you’re purchasing is of which brand? Prefer to go for Club car, Yamaha and Ez-Go brand. These are very popular and making very good quality golf carts.


Benefits of Purchasing a New Golf Cart:

  1. Customization: The golfers would love to customize their golf carts as per their personality. So, you can make as many customization as you want by golf professionals before using it in golf course.
  2. Warranty: Obviously you will get many years of warranty of golf carts accessories and of its motor. Normally, motor’s warranty is of 10 years or above that, So you don’t have to worry about that.
  3. No Prior History: As you are the first owner to golf cart you can sleep tension free as no prior accident history or anything else would happened with your golf cart.
  4. Get The Best Price: Search google for the model you want to purchase and find the best deal available on internet. You can also check the best deal price on our website Honest Review Center.


Best Brands For Purchasing New Golf Cart:

  1. Yamaha: It is a well known old name which sounds like quality, Yamaha builds the best golf carts with comfort, good power, and performance. It provides the widest seats in market which gives you comfortable and luxury ride. Yamaha is producing both battery and gas powered golf carts which also have financing option.
  2. Club Car: This is one of the best brand in making of golf carts that is known for its durability, comfort, unmatched power, better stability, and street legality. The club car offers you to customize your golf cart with club car’s own accessories. Club car is also producing gas and battery both golf carts ranging from 2 seater to 6 seater.
  3. EZ-GO: It is one of the good brand of golf cart which is known for its quality. Ez-go is providing 8 years of battery warranty on all elite lithium golf carts. It also offers cart customization as per your choice and builds both battery and gas sourced carts.

There are many other good brands which is known for good quality golf carts i.e., Cushman, Par Car, Harley Davidson, Taylor Dunn etc. We recommend you to prefer choosing golf cart of these brands first Yamaha, club car and EZ-GO.


FAQ’s of Golf Cart Buying Guide:

How Long is a Golf Cart?

As per the standards golf carts are generally of eight feet long and having width of four feet and six feet of height.

How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh?

Golf carts are coming in weight range of 800 pounds to 1100 pounds. A standard normal golf cart have a weight of around 1000 pounds.

How Much Does an Electric Golf Cart Weigh?

Gas powered golf carts are having lower weight say upto 800 pounds, but a battery powered golf carts are some what heavier due to heavy batteries installed inside. Battery sourced golf carts are having weight of around 900 to 1100 pounds.

How Much Does a Golf Cart Cost?

It depends whether you are purchasing a brand new golf cart or used/refurbished one. A used golf cart will have price from $1500 range however a brand new golf cart starts from $7000 and above. The price of a golf cart is decided on observing many things like which year it is made of, which brand, it’s current condition, how frequent it is taken care of, prior accident history, original accessories or replaced and many more.

What is The Best Brand of Golf Cart To Buy?

  • Yamaha
  • Club Car
  • EZ-GO


Final Conclusion:

If you’re a pro golfer and want a good quality golf cart then we recommend to choose from the top 3 brands as described above. However, if you find out a used golf cart deal which is in good condition and you inspected and asked the owner about its history, maintenance and also showed it to the carts expert, then you can go for it. Just do one thing before buying study your cart well and ask all important questions to the dealer or cart owner and decided if it’s fit best in your needs or not, that’s it!

Thank you for visiting golf cart buying guide article of honest review center, hope you all liked it. Please share this article with your friends and family too. Have a nice day.


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