Golf Simulator Setup Guide For Home, Basement, Garage, Office and Backyard

Golf simulator is a striving technology to bring golf course indoor itself. A golf simulator is a tech device which enables you to play golf without any actual golf course. Golf simulator gives you a virtual golf environment to practice golf indoor. It helps you to analyze your game and also suggests improved area to work with. Here we guide you step by step for golf simulator home setup. This setup is not limited to home only but also works for golf simulator garage setup, office, backyard and basement.

Now a days golf is not playable in local course but you can play it in your house, garage, backyard, and office too. All you need is a large enough sized room, and a good quality golf simulator and that’s it! You’re ready to swing your balls anytime.

golf simulator home setup

How To Set up Golf Simulator?

1) Determine Your Golf Simulator Location and Space

Golf Simulator Room Dimensions:

As per our experience for a smooth golf play you should have a large sized hall or room in which you can set up your golf simulator. For optimized experience the ceiling height should be minimum of 9′, Ceiling width of 8′ or more, Room width of 12′ minimum and last but not least room depth of minimum 12′.

Mounting distance from ceiling should be 6″. The mounting distance from wall should be 18″ because when you swing a ball with your driver the ball will hit the screen and it will get stretched. Projectable area distance of 7.5′ × up to 7′ feet and last 3′ for pro arms distance.

golf simulator home setup

You must match your room dimensions before buy any golf simulator. A golf simulator requires room dimensions as follows:

Golf Simulator Ceiling Height 9 Feet Minimum
Ceiling Width 8 Feet
Room Depth 12 Feet is Comfortable
Room Width 10 – 12 Feet
Mounting Distance From Ceiling 6 inch
Mounting Distance From Wall 18 inch

golf simulator home setup

2) Choose a Launch Monitor / Tracking System

Always choose a good quality launch monitor because the virtual experience of your game play depends totally on launch monitor. Golf launch monitor is core part in our golf simulator home setup. The simulator will track performance of your game play like your golf club swing speed, ball speed, spin rate, distance, angle of fall and many more important factors and bring data analytics on your screen. The golf simulator also called as tracking system.

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These data analytics will help you to improve your game factor by factor. You will get to know what is your weakness while play and copup to enjoy the local course game.

Some Top Golf Simulators Recommended By us:

3) Simulation Software

The simulation software enables you to experience a real golf course in a virtual environment. Make note that your tracking simulator must supported by the simulation software. Some of the prominent simulation softwares are WGT, E6Golf, Thegolfclub, and Refine.

Get your Golf simulation software package from are as follows:

golf simulator home setup

List of softwares that are supported in your tracking system:

Tracking System Supported Software
Uneekor EYE & QED Simulator Ignite by Uneekor, View, E6 Connect, Refine, Refine+, Creative Golf 2019, TGC 2019, and GSPro
SkyTrack The Golf Club 2019, WGT, Fitness Golf, E6Connect, Creative Golf 3D, ProTee Play, Golfisimo
FlightScope Mevo Plus & X3 Simulator FlightScope VX App, TGC 2019, Awesome Golf, GSPro, Creative Golf 3D, E6 Connect
Foresight Sports GC3 FSX Play and FSX 2020
Garmin Approach R10 E6 Connect, TGC 2019, Home Tee Hero, Awesome Golf


4) Screen Projection or Net?

We highly recommend to all our golf users to go for projector screen over only net. The thing is you have to play in a virtual environment to be able to smooth your game in local course.

What is Net Setup?

In Net play you hit the shot into large sized net setup and your tracking system will track your swing speed, ball speed, distance, club head speed, angle of fall and many more things and shows you analytics in where ever your simulator software is being installed either on your computer or mobile phone or iPad.

golf simulator home setup

What is Screen Projection?

You can watch the virtual golf course in front of your screen. Hit the ball and watch the simulation effect like it is real course. For screen projection game play you have to purchase simulation software supported by your tracking system.

All above suggested tracking systems are supported by simulation software. Select anyone of your choice and according to your budget.

golf simulator home setup

For screen projection you need to buy projector additionally. Currently all golfers prefers Optoma EH200ST projector which is the best golf simulator projector in market.

golf simulator home setup


5) Choose Your Golf Mat

At last choose what type of golf mat you liked. This decision varies from person to person because some golfers are just beginners but many are pro golfers who requires extremely high quality golf mat.

We recommend you to go for golf mat as per your game level and experience.

We have created a separate article on best indoor golf putting green mats for in house golf play, You can also select from there which suits you better.

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FAQ’s: Golf Simulator Home Setup

1) How Do You Set up a Golf Simulator in Home?

Complete below process step by step to build your home golf simulator under your budget.

2) How Much It Costs For Building Home Golf Simulator?

Well, It totally depends on which simulation devices and softwares you select. Other things like golf mat and projector will not affect much to your budget. The core technology device of simulator is tracking system and software package. It will costs you between $1000 to up to $20000.

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3) How Much Room Size You Need For Home Golf Simulator Setup?

We already prescribed the room dimensions in this page. Kindly check the first step of golf simulator home setup.

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As per our expert’s experience and analysis we recommend to buy a combine golf simulator package in which tracking system and simulation software are included. All you have to worry about is the projector and the golf mat which we have already solved by giving you separate article on it. So, thanks to our team for giving us all reliable measurements which are necessary in setting up of a golf simulator in our game room, backyard, garage, office, guest room, or even in basement area. Have a great day, Thank you.

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