Connecting your SkyTrak launch monitor to your home WiFi network enables you to take advantage of all of SkyTrak’s outstanding software capabilities. With a WiFi connection, you can view and analyze shot data on your mobile device, broadcast footage of your swing to monitors or TVs, and connect to simulation software for a fully immersive virtual golf experience.

Connect Your SkyTrak To Your Wifi: Step By Step Guide

How To Connect SkyTrak To Wifi?

Getting your SkyTrak connected is a straightforward process that just takes a few minutes. Here are the steps for connecting SkyTrak to WiFi:

1) Turn on your SkyTrak and position it about 5-7 feet behind the hitting area, facing your target line. Make sure it has a good view of the ball’s launch conditions.

2) The USB and Ethernet ports are covered by a panel on the rear of SkyTrak. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to open this panel.

3) Connect the provided Ethernet cable to the Ethernet connection on the back of SkyTrak. Connect the cable to either your internet router or a LAN port on the wall near it. This hardwires your SkyTrak to your home network.

4) Download the SkyTrak app on your iOS or Android device. This can be obtained on the App Store or Google Play.

5) Make sure your mobile device is linked to the home WiFi network that SkyTrak is now plugged into.

6) Launch the SkyTrak app and choose “Launch Monitor Setup”. This will scan your network for your attached SkyTrak launch monitor.

7) Once SkyTrak has been detected, pick it from the list of available devices. Then, when requested, provide your home WiFi network password.

8) SkyTrak will now detach from its hardwired Ethernet connection and connect straight to your WiFi network.

9) Once connected via WiFi, the app will show your SkyTrak launch monitor as “Connected”. You may now unplug the Ethernet cable and close the rear panel cover.

10) The SkyTrak is now wirelessly connected to your home WiFi network. You may easily move it about your practice space while still preserving your WiFi connection.

The advantages of linking your SkyTrak launch monitor to WiFi are enormous. Instead of being connected to a tablet or computer to examine data, you may now utilize the mobile SkyTrak app from any location in your practice area. All of your shot data will be stored in the cloud and available from any mobile device.

How To Connect SkyTrak To Wifi?

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You may also transmit real-time video of your swing to monitors or televisions while you adjust your game. And WiFi access enables the use of simulation software for virtual golf and enjoyment. From Clubfitting to Skills Challenges and famous courses, a WiFi connection brings up a world of options.

SkyTrak connects to your home WiFi network quickly and easily. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions, and you’ll be shooting and analyzing data wirelessly in minutes. Consistent practice with shot trace data will help you acquire vital insights into your game while also lowering your score. Connect today and take your range game to the next level with SkyTrak.


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