Hello friends, My name is John and today i am going to review the Bushnell Launch Pro golf launch monitor under $2000 category. Is the Launch Pro up to expectations? This hands-on Bushnell launch pro review explains all you need to know about the product’s performance, features, and use. Read on to see if it meets your practice’s requirements and budget.

Serious golfers spend many hours improving their swing. However, relying solely on feel to improve your game has limitations. This is where launch monitors can offer an objective advantage. The statistics and feedback demonstrate precisely how equipment, mechanics, and technique translate into ball flight.

Introducing the Bushnell Launch Pro, the best launch monitor for dedicated golfers who want to evaluate and improve their game. The Launch Pro uses powerful 3D Doppler radar technology to correctly track each shot you take, offering detailed information and insights to help you trim strokes off your score.

Bushnell Launch Pro Launch Monitor Detailed Review

Bushnell Launch Pro Review

Bushnell hopes that the feature-rich Launch Pro would make launch monitor analysis more accessible to golfers. It combines radar, video, and onboard analytics to provide insights that would have previously cost thousands.

What’s Included in a Package?

  • The Launch Pro Monitor Device
  • Club Marker Pack
  • Power Cord
  • USB Type C Cable
  • Alignment Stick
  • Quick Guide Manual
  • 14 Days Trial of Gold Software Subscription

The Gold Subscription ($500/year) allows you to play simulated courses using Foresight Sports Simulation Software, Awesome Golf Software, and GSPRO Software!

bushnell launch pro review

Bushnell Launch Pro Key Features:

The Bushnell Launch Pro Launch Monitor is a cutting-edge technology that offers golfers extensive statistics and insights to help them improve their game. Here are some important features of the Bushnell Launch Pro:

1) Launch Data: It measures crucial launch parameters including as ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and carry distance, providing golfers with useful insights into their shot performance.

2) Dual Radar Technology: The Launch Pro uses dual radar technology to collect data from both the club and the ball at the same time, allowing for a more complete understanding of the shot dynamics.

3) Precision: The Launch Pro is well-known for its excellent degree of precision when tracking numerous components of a golfer’s swing and ball trajectory, resulting in exact measurements for accurate analysis.

4) Club Data: In addition to launch data, the Launch Pro offers specific club data like as clubhead speed, smash factor, and club path, helping golfers to improve their swing mechanics and equipment selection.

5) Real-Time Feedback: Real-time feedback allows golfers to rapidly examine their shots and make modifications to improve their performance.

6) Easy-to-Use design: The device has an intuitive and user-friendly design, making it suitable for golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.

7) Bluetooth Connectivity: The Launch Pro includes Bluetooth connectivity, which allows for smooth integration with compatible devices such as smartphones or tablets for data exchange and analysis.

8) Portable Design: Despite its extensive features, the Launch Pro is tiny and portable, allowing golfers to simply bring it to the driving range or course for practice.

9) Long Battery Life: With a long battery life, the Launch Pro provides continuous use during practice sessions or rounds of golf.

10) Data Analysis Tools: The Launch Pro has data analysis tools and capabilities, such as shot history recording and statistical analysis, which allow golfers to detect trends, measure progress, and make informed decisions to improve their performance.

First Impressions Out of The Box

Right away, the Launch Pro makes a good impression. The travel case’s molded foam ensures secure transportation and storage. Included accessories such as a stand, wires, and alignment sticks increase the value.

Setup is simple: charge, download the Bushnell app, then pair with your phone via Bluetooth. The simple procedure gets you measuring shots in minutes. There are no annoying calibration procedures or complicated instructions.

The easy controls and menus maintain this level of simplicity. The buttons are snappy and produce a pleasant click. The brilliant screen automatically adjusts for visibility in any lighting. Those new to launch monitors will appreciate the gradual learning curve.

The Launch Pro clearly guides you through setting choices such as handedness, goal direction, and clubs utilized. The complete out-of-the-box experience gives trust in Bushnell’s reputation for excellent design. You’ll be eager to start collecting data as soon as you open the box.

Bushnell Launch Pro Installation Setup Guide

Easy to Use Design

⇒ The opportunity to start simple and then add capabilities keeps it interesting over time.

⇒ Bushnell clearly designed the Launch Pro to be simple from the start. There are no tedious error sequences or complicated procedures required before beginning a session. When you’re ready to measure shots, simply push the power button.

⇒ Setting up shots is as simple as placing a ball and pressing the measure button. The built-in tracking technology enables sensors to recognize clubs automatically. The Launch Pro is very focused on the experience of actually using the gadget.

⇒ The basic layout puts critical controls in easy reach. Buttons have a pleasing click and are built to withstand heavy use. Menus employ simple text and icons that are easily accessible after a few moments of familiarization.

⇒ The basic layout puts critical controls in easy reach. Buttons have a pleasing click and are built to withstand heavy use. Menus employ simple text and icons that are easily accessible after a few moments of familiarization.

⇒ Those who want to change settings have enough of options without overwhelming casual users. You can customize verbal feedback, automated video capture, the display of swing plane overlays, and many more features.

⇒ Repeatedly repositioning the device would be inconvenient, but the Launch Pro tracks shots over an astonishingly large region.

⇒ Bluetooth pairing is also quite simple. The Launch Pro appears immediately on mobile devices and reconnects each time you return. Wi-Fi network connectivity allows for even more efficient updates and communication.

⇒ Unless you’re purposefully hitting extreme fades and draws, there’s no need to make continual corrections. Set it and forget it.

Accuracy and Performance

Of course, the precision of any launch monitor determines its success or failure. The Bushnell Launch Pro makes good use of Bushnell’s recognized technical competence in this area. Extensive testing revealed outstanding precision in parameters such as ball speed, distance, apex, and spin.

Once calibrated, the values stayed consistent across consecutive full swing shots. Accuracy was maintained even while intentionally hitting hooks, slices, thin shots, and shanks. The Launch Pro seems nearly impossible to fool or confuse.

Individual club measurements were closely aligned with the expected findings. Even under tough conditions, there were no strange or irregular readings. The Launch Pro’s consistent performance instills confidence, making it easy to trust feedback.

Impressively, accuracy remained high across larger distances. Trackman and other high-end monitors still have an advantage in measuring absolute apex heights and spin speeds. However, for a device priced under $2,000, the Launch Pro provides more than ample capability for full practice.

Advanced Sensors and Technical Specifications

bushnell launch pro review

The Launch Pro uses a variety of innovative technology to provide great tracking over a wide range of shots and conditions:

1) Hybrid radar and laser: The radar continuously tracks the ball through the air, while the laser confirms the start location.

2) Dual-core processor: Quickly computes ball flight calculations and stats.

3) High-speed camera captures swing video and visual ball flight at 240+ FPS.

4) Accelerometer: Accurately measures clubhead speed, pace, and transition.

5) Pin Seeker: Locks onto authentic flagsticks from up to 300 yards away.

6) Elements resistant: Waterproofing and internal stabilization withstand outdoor use.

7) Rechargeable battery: Provides up to 8 hours of continuous operation per charge.

8) Bluetooth/Wi-Fi: Connect sensors and automatically send data to the cloud.

9) Free firmware updates that add new features and optimize performance over time.

These essential technologies differentiate the Launch Pro from competitor launch monitors at around $500. It just gives far more robust functionality for the investment.

Real Advantages and Disadvantages:

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-s-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-s-down” show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”true” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” button_icon=”icon icon-cart-4″ link_text=”Check Our Discounted Price” link=”https://shopindoorgolf.com/products/bushnell-launch-pro?aff=366&utm_source=affiliate&utm_medium=https://honestreviewcenter.com/” ][i2pros]Accurate ball statistics, such as carry distance, ball speed, smash factor, launch angle, and spin rates. Shots can be measured both indoors and outside. Simple to put up and transport – can be utilized at driving ranges, golf courses, and indoor venues. Compatible with some golf simulation software. Makes data-driven recommendations for improving your swing/shot. Automatically collects and records shot data. High-end launch monitor features at a lesser cost than leading competitors.[/i2pros][i2cons]For outdoor use, purchase a tripod mount and target sheets separately. The screen is smaller than other competitors, at 3.5 inches. Battery life might be improved. Simulated courses and virtual holes cannot be created or played. Meant for swing practice and analysis.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

How to Unlock New Bushnell Launch Pro – Complete Guide Available

Carry and Total Distance Modes

bushnell launch pro review

The Launch Pro computes both total and carry distance for each shot. This allows you to thoroughly understand your equipment and dial in optimum gapping.

The total distance includes carry and rollout. It simulates what you might see on the course with a laser rangefinder. This option helps to confirm actual play distances.

Carry distance simply measures the ball’s aerial trajectory before it touches the turf. True distance control competence requires knowledge of specific carry gaps.

The Launch Pro neatly displays both distances on the screen after each shot. You can focus your analysis on the statistic that provides the most useful feedback for your practice objectives.

Essential Metrics for Improvement

bushnell launch pro review

Simply providing shot distances is only the start of the Launch Pro’s relevant data. It collects and analyzes an entire set of ball flight characteristics:

⇒ Launch angle: The best angles vary from driver to wedges to enhance carry.

⇒ Smash factor: A ratio of ball speed to club speed that indicates efficient strikes.

⇒ Clubhead speed: Faster swing rates result in greater distance and ball compression.

⇒ Spin rate: Significantly affects shot height, distance, and stopping power.

⇒ Apex height refers to the highest point on the trajectory during flight.

⇒ Descent angle is the steepness of the ball’s downhill route towards landing.

⇒ Side spin: Horizontal spin to modify draw/fade curvature.

⇒ Efficiency: How closely club speed matches ball speed.

⇒ Tempo: Consistent timing from backswing to downswing.

⇒ Impact position: Gear effect depends on strike location on the club face.

Seeing these indicators in detail enables more targeted practice. You can break down certain areas, such as boosting driver speed or fine-tuning wedge spin to improve stopping power. It’s like having a built-in coach that identifies swing tweaks required to attain your objectives.

Real-time Performance Feedback

One of the Launch Pro’s most useful features is the ability to see your swing mechanics and ball flight in real time. As you practice swings, the smartphone app displays dynamic overlays that provide rapid feedback.

Sensors follow the club’s path back and forth through impact. You can quickly observe the swing arc and make any necessary modifications. An impact splash accurately depicts strike position on the clubface.

Ball flight overlays show the trajectory, curvature, apex, and more. To develop intuition, you can observe the whole shot trail from several viewpoints. It’s really useful to match swing motions with ball flight.

The software also displays information including as attack angle, club speed, and pace in real time. This allows you to feel out the appropriate postures to ingrain.

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Detailed Session Analysis

Analyzing each shot separately yields useful insights. However, analyzing trends and aggregate data from entire sessions is far more effective for discovering patterns and making improvements.

The Bushnell Golf app organizes your session data into easily digestible summary and comparison screens. You can clearly see development over time in areas such as increased launch, tighter shot dispersion, more consistent distances, and enhanced impact efficiency.

Charts show trends in spin rate, height apex, curvature, and other properties. Any outliers in poor shots are straightforward to identify and rectify.

Timelines combine all of your photographs into a virtual course to provide a comprehensive overview. This helps to grasp real-world location and accuracy.

The Launch Pro makes post-session analysis straightforward, practical, and actionable. You can also export data for further examination in spreadsheets.


The Launch Pro’s portability contributes significantly to its ease and utility. It weighs 5.1 pounds, including the stand, making portability easy.

The supplied carrying bag has specially molded padding to keep it safe in transportation. The Launch Pro also fits easily into most golf bags.

The operation time off a full battery charge is around 8 hours. The USB charging cable attaches to portable battery packs to provide additional range. As a result, you may use it anywhere there is electricity, whether indoors, outdoors, or on the course.

While constructed for basic outdoor durability, I would recommend a weather-resistant shield when used in the rain or heavy winds. However, the Launch Pro travels well as a multipurpose launch monitor.

Club and Swing Analysis

bushnell launch pro review

Launch monitors frequently focus primarily on ball flight. However, when linked with the mobile app, the Launch Pro gives detailed club and swing information.

Sensors precisely track clubhead presentation at address, acceleration at impact, and course through the ball. Tracing is displayed during practice swings to provide rapid feedback on whether you come over the top or swing out-to-in.

The software also tracks club data over time. You may assess performance consistency and compare averages across your bag. Determine the best launch conditions for each club, particularly wedges, to improve distance control.

Downswing tempo, transition, and hand speed parameters are computed using integrated motion sensors. A consistency score assesses the repeatability of your athletic actions across several repetitions; use this information to develop efficient, strong swing biomechanics.

Overlay graphics show grip, alignment, swing plane, release, and other important locations. Real-time visual input increases the development of correct muscle memory.

No other launch monitor offers such thorough club and swing analysis. The feedback changes how you practice in order to instill proper mechanics sooner.

Course Simulation and Practice

While indoor use is convenient, using the Launch Pro to the driving range or course is even more beneficial. This enables valuable simulation and practicing capabilities.

When playing a mapped course, the Launch Pro accounts for actual yardages and elevation variations. You can practice dial shots knowing the actual distance required hole-by-hole.

Setting up inside the range boundary allows you to see ball flights in the open air. See how various bullets and shapes land.

Alternately hit close flags, mid-range targets, and distance poles. Hit from various lies with tees, mats, and grass, just like on the course. The Launch Pro adjusts easily while giving valuable real-world data.

The chance to practice shots in genuine playing circumstances speeds up skill development. You develop the confidence and experience to make adjustments when these situations arise.

Social Sharing and Gamification

Practice enhances the most when it engages your competitive side. The Launch Pro’s integration with the Bushnell Golf app provides enjoyable social options.

You can share your greatest swings and shots on social networking channels, with overlays displaying ball flight or swing stats. Share your improvements with your buddies.

Participate in point-based long drive, closest to the pin, and precision competitions. Leaderboards promote competition among Launch Pro users in the community.

The app’s game styles encourage consistent achievement building. You’ll find yourself drawn to keep practicing and climbing the leaderboards in various skill challenges.

These social elements make time spent practicing with the Launch Pro more enjoyable while also encouraging continual improvement.

Bushnell Launch Pro Vs SkyTrak Comparison   

What is The Price of Bushnell Launch Pro Golf Launch Monitor?

The bushnell launch pro launch monitor is available on both sites Amazon and ShopindoorGolf. Users can purchase from any of the source as they seems fit.

  • Price: $1,999

Users can buy it on EMI basis too, It just starts as low as $92.29/month.

Launch Pro on Amazon   

ShopindoorGolf Store   

Bushnell Launch Pro Accessories:

Alignment Leveling Stand for Bushnell Launch Pro

bushnell launch pro review

About the product:

⇒ Alignment stick and launch monitor are not included.

⇒ Allows for 2″ adjustment. Made of marine grade plastic. CNC machined.

⇒ Precision CNC machined.

⇒ Marine quality polycarbonate for both indoor and outdoor use.

Buy Launch Pro Stand From Amazon   

Is the Bushnell Launch Pro a worthwhile investment?

Following thorough testing and analysis, the Launch Pro shows to be an excellent investment for enthusiastic golfers looking to improve. The quick answer is that its performance, feature set, and usability completely justify the price.

The Launch Pro combines accuracy, analytics, and insights that were previously only found in far more expensive launch monitors. For less than $2000, it provides an astonishing amount of important data.

One could argue that high handicappers and beginners would be better off starting with a more basic launch monitor in the $400 area to focus on pure ball hitting. However, mid to low handicappers will quickly appreciate the Launch Pro’s more extensive analysis for establishing outstanding ball striking routines.

If you practice frequently and want maximum feedback to lower your scores, the Launch Pro should be in your golf bag. Its precision and overall quality enable it receive the highest recommendation in its class.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What stats and statistics does the Bushnell Launch Pro offer?

Aside from distance, the Launch Pro measures a wide range of ball flight characteristics and swing data. The key metrics include:

⇒ Clubhead speed is critical for distance and ball compression.
⇒ Launch angle is critical for optimizing launch trajectory.
⇒ Spin rates heavily influence shot height, distance, and curvature.
⇒ Ball velocity right off the clubface.
⇒ Smash factor is the ratio of ball speed to club speed that indicates an efficient impact.
⇒ Attack angle: The steepness of your swing’s downward path to the ball.
⇒ Apex height: The maximum height reached during flight to comprehend carry.
⇒ Total distance: Carry plus roll after landing.
⇒ Carry distance: Only the aerial phase before the ball lands.
⇒ Tempo: The timing of your backswing and downswing.
⇒ Face angle: The video illustrates whether the club face is open or closed at impact.
⇒ Side spin: Horizontal spin to produce draw or fade curvature.
⇒ Dispersion: Shot grouping tightness indicates consistency.

The Launch Pro analyzes club, ball flight, and swing data to help you improve every area of your game.

What technology and sensors are utilized in the Bushnell Launch Pro?

Bushnell included an astounding assortment of technology onto the Launch Pro.

> High Speed Camera: Captures swing video and ball flight tracing in ultra-slow time.
> Hybrid Radar + Laser: The radar constantly watches the ball’s path while the laser scans the hit location.
> Accelerometers measure speed, transition, and tempo throughout the swing.
> Dual Core Processors: Instantly compute complex ball flight equations and stats.
> Bluetooth/WiFi: Automatically send data to the Bushnell app for analysis and sharing.
> PinSeeker: Ensures that distance locks onto the real flagstick rather than background objects.
> Water-resistant design: Can withstand splashing and rain while in use.
> Rechargeable Battery: Provides up to 8 hours of continuous use per charge.

This technology enables the Launch Pro to provide detailed, multidimensional feedback for comprehensive practice.

How reliable are Bushnell Launch Pro measures and metrics?

Extensive testing revealed that the Launch Pro delivers amazingly consistent and precise shot data. Numbers for carry distance, ball speed, apex height, and other parameters were consistent throughout many indoor and outdoor sessions.

Even hitting extreme shots like shanks, skinny strokes, and 40-yard pitches did not trick the Launch Pro’s sensors or result in abnormal readings. For each club examined, measurements consistently matched expected values.

While no launch monitor in this price range can compete with a $20,000 TrackMan for real tour-level precision, the Launch Pro gets extremely close. Most golfers will find the level of accuracy to be more than enough and consistent enough to trust the feedback.

Bushnell’s lengthy history of designing high-precision rangefinders gives confidence in the Launch Pro’s consistent performance. It establishes a new norm for dependability in a sub-$2000 launch monitor.

What distances can the Bushnell Launch Pro measure accurately?

Many economical launch monitors suffer from fidelity loss at longer distances, particularly those beyond 175 yards. This creates a significant gap for crucial clubs such as drivers and long irons.

The Launch Pro’s hybrid laser and radar system maintains accuracy across short and extremely long distances. It measured shots from 50 yards to over 225 yards with excellent accuracy. The ball flight parameters remained consistent throughout the tracking range.

The Launch Pro’s ability to precisely track long drives and tee shots gives it a significant advantage than recreational launch monitors that can only capture shorter pitch and mid-iron shots. The great performance across all clubs makes it ideal for players of all ability levels wishing to grow.

How does the Bushnell Launch Pro application work? What will you do with it?

When coupled with the Launch Pro via Bluetooth, the free Bushnell Golf app provides useful extra functions.

> Swing Review: Examine your swing video overlays that demonstrate mechanics and motion.
> Club Analytics: Discover long-term performance trends for each club.
> 3D Course Mapping: When playing a mapped course, you can see the precise distance to each target.
> Improvement Tracking: Visualize your game’s development over time.
> Social Sharing: Upload and share highlight videos and achievements.
> Leaderboards: Compete in skill challenges against other Launch Pro users.
> Remote Operation: Control the Launch Pro directly from your phone’s screen.
> Software Updates: Download the most recent firmware and feature upgrades.

The app replaces manual performance tracking and makes progress more engaging using social tools. It is strongly recommended for a complete experience.

Does the Bushnell Launch Pro include any social features?

Bushnell included some excellent social capabilities in the Launch Pro experience to increase engagement:

⇒ Multi-Player Modes – Compete against friends in contests such as closest to the pin and longest drive.
⇒ Swing/Shot Sharing – Share your best swing footage and shot highlights on social media.
⇒ Community Challenges – Compete for first place on leaderboards in skill competitions.
⇒ Group Sessions: Upload and compare data from sessions with your colleagues.
⇒ Achievement Tracking – Earn and share virtual badges as you progress.

These social elements encourage regular and meaningful practice. The competitive features make practicing your game more rewarding and enjoyable in the long term.

How durable and portable is the Bushnell Launch Pro?

The Launch Pro’s external enclosure is made of ruggedized metal and can withstand real-world use. It adheres to IP54 splash resistance standards and can endure exposure to factors such as rain and dust while in use.

With the supplied stand, it weighs just over 5 pounds and is moderately portable for indoor, outdoor, and course use. The stand offers a stable upright basis almost anyplace.

The battery lasts up to 8 hours of continuous operation on a single charge. The USB charging cable and portable design enable you to use it anywhere power is available.

While the Launch Pro may not survive a swim, it is designed to withstand routine transport without issue. The included carry case offers additional protection.

What are the best methods to utilize the Bushnell Launch Pro to achieve optimal results?

To make the most of the Launch Pro for your game, follow these best practices:

⇒ Simulate Course Situations: Practice with actual lies and striking areas that you will encounter on the course.
⇒ Practice Specialty Shots: Track statistics for flops, pitches, and punch shots to improve your short game feel.
To increase distance control, vary the target distances and alternate between flags at different ranges.
⇒ Compare Clubs: Determine which equipment maximizes launch, spin, and dispersion for your swing.
⇒ Track Progress Over Time: Use historical data to display positive momentum.
⇒ Concentrate on Weaknesses – Use swing data to help you spend more time correcting issue areas.
⇒ Work All Clubs – Measure distance and stats throughout your whole bag to identify gaps.
⇒ Ingrain Swing Changes – Make modest tweaks while watching the ball’s flight response.
⇒ Refine Alignment – Use overlays and video to fine-tune your setup location.
⇒ Keep notes – Record important lessons and swing thoughts to support improvement.

Leveraging both extensive data and unique simulation features is critical for developing skills with the Launch Pro.

Bushnell Launch Pro Review

94% Awesome

Following thorough testing and analysis, the Bushnell Launch Pro shows to be an excellent investment for enthusiastic golfers looking to improve their game. The quick answer is that its performance, feature set, and usability completely justify the price.

The Launch Pro combines accuracy, analytics, and insights that were previously only found in far more expensive launch monitors. For less than $2000, it provides an astonishing amount of important data.

One could argue that high handicappers and beginners would be better off starting with a more basic launch monitor in the $400 area to focus on pure ball hitting. However, mid to low handicappers will quickly appreciate the Launch Pro's more extensive analysis for establishing outstanding ball striking routines.

If you practice frequently and want maximum feedback to lower your scores, the Launch Pro should be in your golf bag. Its precision and overall quality enables it  to receive the highest recommendation in its class.

  1. Accurate ball statistics, such as carry distance, ball speed, smash factor, launch angle, and spin rates
  2. Shots can be measured both indoors and outside
  3. Simple to put up and transport - can be utilized at driving ranges, golf courses, and indoor venues
  4. Compatible with some golf simulation software
  5. Makes data-driven recommendations for improving your swing/shot
  6. Automatically collects and records shot data
  7. High-end launch monitor features at a lesser cost than leading competitors
  1. For outdoor use, purchase a tripod mount and target sheets separately
  2. The screen is smaller than other competitors, at 3.5 inches
  3. Battery life might be improved
  4. Simulated courses and virtual holes cannot be created or played
  • ACCURACY 91 %
  • USABILITY 94 %
  • FEATURES 95 %
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0 %

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