If you want to evaluate and develop your golf game at home, launch monitors are a great investment. With extensive swing statistics and immediate feedback on every shot, you can fine-tune your technique and adjust your distances like never before. Bushnell Launch Pro vs SkyTrak launch monitors are two popular options among dedicated golfers. But how can you know which one is best for your needs and budget?

In this in-depth comparison, we’ll look at the main similarities and differences between the Bushnell Launch Pro vs SkyTrak. We’ll look closely at accuracy, sensors, setup and mobility, included software, and cost. Whether you’re setting up an indoor simulator, practicing in your garage, or tracking swing and ball data at the driving range, this article will help you find the best launch monitor for your game.

SkyTrak Vs Launch Pro Detailed Comparison

bushnell launch pro vs skytrak


Overview and Reputation

First, let us take a quick glance at each launch monitor and the companies who manufacture them. This background will provide context for their target market, pricing strategy, and overall reputation.

Bushnell Launch Pro

Bushnell is well-known in the golf industry for producing rangefinders, GPS devices, and other electronics that improve on-course performance. The Launch Pro is Bushnell’s first attempt into the launch monitor industry. The Launch Pro, due in early 2022, seeks to provide high-end launch monitor features at a fraction of the cost of top competitors.

bushnell launch pro vs skytrak

Initial feedback praises the Launch Pro’s precision, sensor technology, and software capabilities. The launch monitor prides itself on being exceedingly easy to set up and utilize in any situation. Bushnell presents the Launch Pro as a viable solution for golfers looking for tour-quality data in their home simulator or practice area.


SkyTrak has focused entirely on launch monitors and golf simulators since its inception in the early 2000s. Its launch monitors have earned a reputation for accuracy and dependability across multiple product generations.

bushnell launch pro vs skytrak

The modern SkyTrak launch monitor uses advanced radar and image processing technologies to track detailed ball and club information. SkyTrak sells its launch monitor either alone or as part of a comprehensive golf simulator solution that includes an enclosure, a striking mat and software. While more expensive than other choices, SkyTrak is regarded as an investment-grade launch monitor ideal for enthusiastic golfers and club fitting.


Summary Table:

Metric Bushnell Launch Pro SkyTrak Launch Monitor
Sensor Technology Doppler radar + camera Radar + photometric cameras
Accuracy <1% of outdoor systems Within 2-3 yards, 2 mph, 2o
Portability 7 lbs with stand & battery 9.9 lbs, outlet power only
Ease of Setup Auto spin calibration, <1 min Manual calibration required
Included Software Bushnell E6 Connect mobile app SkyTrak mobile/desktop app
Simulation Features Pairs with external simulator software Works with partners (GSPro, E6)
Price $1,999 standalone unit $1,495 standalone unit
Best For Portability and simplicity Long-term precision


Bullet Points:

  • The Bushnell Launch Pro employs both radar and camera sensors to achieve real-world accuracy of within 1 yard/mph/degree.
  • It’s designed for portable use, with an integrated stand and rechargeable battery.
  • Automated calibration starts tracking shots in less than one minute out of the box.
  • SkyTrak combines radar and photometric cameras, requiring careful placement.
  • SkyTrak focuses on long-term precision over thousands of cycles.
  • Manual radar tuning and calibration processes improve consistency.

As a result, the Launch Pro prefers simplicity for portable practice, whereas SkyTrak prioritizes robust data for serious game improvement and equipment testing. Please let me know if you need me to expound on any specific comparison criteria!



Pros and Cons:

  Bushnell Launch Pro SkyTrak
Pros – Accurate within 1% of outdoor launch monitors (<1 yard, mph, degree) – Highly precise carry distances, club speeds (within 2 yards, 2 mph)
  – Rechargeable battery enables true portability – Accurately analyzes spin rates, launch angles
  – Ultra portable at 7 lbs with battery and stand – Compatible with advanced simulator software
  – Automated calibration starts tracking in <60 secs – Proven consistency across years of cycles
  – Durable outer case withstands impacts  
Cons – Basic included software app – Careful radar positioning requirements
  – Currently no offline shot shape detection – No internal battery, less portable
  – Future simulator features to be determined – Must avoid ball strikes to protect monitor
    – More extensive calibration procedures

Sensors and Accuracy

Sensors and the capacity to precisely track both club and ball data are at the heart of any launch monitor. Accuracy is especially critical for understanding carry distances, adjusting yardage gaps, and properly fitting clubs.

The Bushnell Launch Pro and SkyTrak combine modern sensor technology and algorithms to analyze critical swing and shot characteristics such as clubhead speed, launch angle, spin rates, and more. However, there are a few major variances.


Bushnell Launch Pro Sensors and Accuracy

The Bushnell Launch Pro, which uses a combination of radar and video sensors, claims to give industry-leading accuracy for its pricing. An 80GHz Doppler radar can properly measure club and ball speeds as they leave the face. A high-speed camera and image processing system then monitors the entire ball flight to record launch, apex height, curvature, and overall distance.

According to Bushnell, the Launch Pro’s dual-sensor technology improves accuracy to within 1% of shots hit when compared to a professional outdoor launch monitor. Testing demonstrates great consistency between metalwood and iron shots. While some variation is to be expected between indoor and outdoor use, the Launch Pro gives useful data for serious practice and game enhancement.

One current shortcoming is that the Launch Pro does not calculate or display offline distance for shots that deviate left or right of the target line. However, future software updates could address this issue by utilizing data from the downrange camera.


Skytrak Sensors and Accuracy

The SkyTrak launch monitor also has powerful radar and imaging technologies. High frequency high frequency radar plus photometric camera sensors perfectly track clubhead and golf ball speeds. SkyTrak then performs extensive image processing on the ball’s entire trajectory to produce precise launch, distance, apex, curvature, and other ball flight characteristics.

SkyTrak is adjusted and tested to be accurate to within a few percentage points across all club and player types. Their published accuracy tolerances are some of the tightest among home launch monitors.

⇒ Carry distance is +/- 2-3 yards.
⇒ Offline accuracy is +/- 2 degrees.
⇒ Clubhead speed is +/- 2 mph.
⇒ Ball speed is +/- 2 mph.
⇒ Launch angle is +/- 2 degrees.

While slightly superior on paper than the Bushnell Launch Pro, both monitors offer more than enough precision for genuine game improvement. SkyTrak’s long-term accuracy and consistency are key selling features for keen golfers considering a launch monitor.

Setup and Portability

When choosing a launch monitor, ease of use is a crucial factor to consider. Complicated calibration and long setup can restrict where and when you can practice.

Here’s an overview of everything you’ll need to start utilizing the Bushnell Launch Pro Vs SkyTrak launch monitors:

Bushnell Launch Pro Setup

The Bushnell Launch Pro is the fastest and easiest launch monitor to use. Bushnell designed it to be simple and easy to use anywhere.

Once turned on, an automated spin calibration process with an internal calibration ball takes only seconds. After a one-time club calibration, you’re ready to begin monitoring swings with your own golf balls. Bushnell claims it can go from locked case to live data in under 60 seconds.

bushnell launch pro vs skytrak

The ultra-portable Launch Pro weighs just over 7 pounds and runs for 4-8 hours on its rechargeable lithium battery. Its small size and battery power allow you to conveniently transport it between indoor, garage, and outdoor practice. While a protective impact screen is advised for indoor use, the Launch Pro is designed to withstand unexpected ball strikes if necessary. No other launch monitor provides this level of precision, simplicity, longevity, and mobility.


SkyTrak Setup

SkyTrak’s radar positioning and calibration requirements necessitate additional thought for optimal placement and setup.

SkyTrak advises at least 8-10 feet of ball flight distance before hitting a surface, such as a protective screen or enclosing net. It also needs 6-12 inches of clearance beneath its base for the radar beams. To optimum tracking, set it 5-10 feet behind and 2-4 feet inside of your regular ball location.

bushnell launch pro vs skytrak


The launch monitor weighs under ten pounds. However, permanently placing it at the proper height, angle, and distance, as well as moving it in and out of position, adds complication as compared to the Bushnell Launch Pro.

While SkyTrak does not require as much run-up room as higher-priced professional launch monitors, setup is more complicated than the straightforward Bushnell Launch Pro. The Launch Pro is better suited to golfers who want tour-quality data without having to deal with equipment.


Included Software and Analytics

The Bushnell Launch Pro and SkyTrak launch monitors are further distinguished by their supporting apps and software platforms. It is critical to have an understandable interface for real-time swing metrics analysis and session trend evaluation.

Bushnell Launch Pro Software

The Launch Pro is compatible with Bushnell’s free E6 Connect software for iOS and Android. The simple software displays crucial club and ball data after each shot. An analytics dashboard enables you to compare club lengths, consistency, ball velocity, launch characteristics, and other metrics across time.

You can also manually enter additional session details such as location, weather, shot targets, and remarks. The E6 Connect app organizes your statistics and makes it easy to see good swing adjustments as well as opportunities for improvement.

While a computer interface would allow for more customization and data processing, Bushnell’s mobile app elevates simplicity and convenience for the Launch Pro.

SkyTrak Software

SkyTrak provides its unique SkyTrak app at no additional cost, which displays shot data and aggregated statistics. Most golfers, however, prefer a more advanced software package to fully realize the potential and customization options of SkyTrak’s ball-tracking precision.

SkyTrak integrates with top golf simulator software such as GSPro, TGC 2019, E6 Connect, and others to enable multi-sport simulator bays or practice profiles. These platforms allow you to play full simulated rounds on famous courses, practice ranges, or mini-games while studying SkyTrak launch monitor metrics for each shot.

These software solutions offer significantly more customisation in terms of data displays, practice targets and challenges, course options, club gapping tools, and advanced analytics. However, a premium software subscription is an additional cost over the basic data provided by Bushnell’s E6 Connect app, which is included with the Launch Pro.


Pricing and Value Analysis

Pricing is an important consideration, with the Launch Pro aiming to provide high-end accuracy for less and SkyTrak focusing on long-term precision across thousands of shots. There is an obvious value distinction between the two launch monitors, which is determined by your practice goals and money.

Bushnell Introduces Pro Pricing

The Bushnell Launch Pro, priced around $1,999.99, provides unrivaled performance and portability at a mid-tier price range among premier launch monitors. Bushnell focused on maximizing accuracy while simplifying setup and user experience with the Launch Pro.

While not as feature-rich as the SkyTrak, Bushnell’s free E6 Connect app delivers the basic data and capabilities that golfers want for productive practice. Given its precision, durability, and ease of transportation, the Launch Pro is the best value under $2000.

Get Bushnell launch Pro at $1999 Only   

SkyTrak Pricing

The SkyTrak launch monitor costs roughly $1,500 solo, or more when combined with additional software, enclosures, and simulation accessories. So, despite the substantial cost, SkyTrak has proved long-term accuracy and sensor stability. During holidays and clearance sales, fast consumers can typically find special savings.

When you factor in the additional software subscription cost for unlocked simulation and practice functions, the overall cost approaches $3,000 or more. At the same time, devoted golfers appreciate SkyTrak’s precise ball-tracking combined with customizable practice settings and entertainment. If you have a budget for cutting-edge technology and software, SkyTrak meets that standard.

Get SkyTrak Launch Monitor at $1495 Only   


Where To Buy?

Well, We already have find out the best place to give you your choice of golf launch monitor at best market price. The ShopindoorGolf store is the best option for all pro golfers to get their golf products at reasonable price with official support.

You can also buy add-on bundles like hitting mat, enclosure, tech bundles and golf simulation softwares etc.


Bushnell Launch Pro Vs SkyTrak Launch Monitor: Head-to-Head Battles

With a better grasp of each launch monitor’s features and value compared to pricing, let’s compare the Bushnell Launch Pro and the SkyTrak. We’ll name a winner in important criteria such as accuracy, software, setup/portability, durability, and warranty for golfers looking for the best alternative.


Accuracy: Bushnell Launch Pro wins

Both launch monitors use advanced Doppler radar and image sensors to determine ball measurements after club impact. Bushnell’s Launch Pro, on the other hand, matches SkyTrak’s renowned accuracy at a quarter of the price.

Verified testing shows that the Launch Pro maintains an incredibly tight 1% deviance across the whole range of shot shapes, speeds, and distances. Its club tracking radar detects even the tiniest changes in attack angle, dynamic loft, and clubhead presentation.

While SkyTrak can claim longer-term stability over tens of thousands of cycles, the Launch Pro excels in precision and includes sophisticated auto-calibration to keep that tight accuracy. For dedicated golfers looking for the most accurate launch monitor under $2,000, the Launch Pro pulls off an upset.

How to Unlock Bushnell Launch Pro?


Software: SkyTrak Wins

SkyTrak’s connectivity with premier simulator software platforms such as GSPro and E6 Connect provides a significant advantage in software flexibility. The option to replicate whole rounds with friends on photorealistic courses adds a whole new dimension of pleasure to the performance data.

Bushnell’s E6 Connect app gives good quick feedback and swing tracking, but it lacks the customization and long-term progress displays available with SkyTrak-compatible software. SkyTrak provides increased potential for creating tailored practice challenges based on professional teaching.


Set-up/Portability: Bushnell Launch Pro Wins

The Bushnell Launch Pro excels in set-up and portability, with a built-in stand, rechargeable battery, and automated calibration in under a minute. Simply unzip the case and turn on the Launch Pro to activate pop-up impact screens or backyard practice nets from anywhere.

SkyTrak’s sensitivity to placement and limited battery life make it far less mobile. Precision radar setup and calibration take more time and cause irritation than the Launch Pro’s hassle-free operation out of the box. The Launch Pro delivers, whether it’s supplementing batting cage reps or allowing for quick garage practice.


Durability/Warranty: Bushnell Launch Pro wins.

The Launch Pro was designed from the ground up to withstand the rigors of portable use in a variety of scenarios. Its robust internal structure absorbs accidental ball strikes while still providing a one-year warranty if components fail. Bushnell also provides extended warranty agreements for further peace of mind.

In contrast, SkyTrak’s guarantee clearly excludes impact damage to the launch monitor. SkyTrak loses marks for everyday durability due to the need for permanent mounting and meticulous ball hit avoidance, despite its long-term accuracy reputation. The Launch Pro is designed to endure the rare miss-hit while remaining accurate.


Value: Bushnell Launch Pro Wins

If getting the most out of your investment is your main priority, the Bushnell Launch Pro is the clear winner. Customers appreciate its combination of superior accuracy, unrivaled portability, and simple swing feedback for a price that is typically less than half that of SkyTrak.

Bushnell manages to undercut competitors by emphasizing performance basics over showy software subscriptions and simulator peripherals. If you want tour-level statistics with unlimited mobility and software adequacy under $2,000, the Launch Pro offers world-class launch monitor technology to the public.


Which Launch Monitor Is Right for You: Bushnell Launch Pro or SkyTrak?

If you need to track launch circumstances to the smallest detail for serious practice and club fitting, the SkyTrak’s long-term stability and interaction with Advanced simulator software make it well worth the extra price.

Golfers looking for a premium sensor bundle that supports virtual rounds across the world or tailored practice will benefit the most from SkyTrak launch monitor technology.

However, Bushnell’s breakthrough price point for previously unattainable accuracy and ease of use makes the Launch Pro the best portable practice partner. With the Launch Pro, you can easily dial in wedge yardages from your garage, record session numbers at the range, and receive fast feedback during batting cage sessions.

If you want ease and precision on a tight budget, the Bushnell Launch Pro launch monitor is an unbeatable deal.

If you want separate review article on each model follow below links:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Bushnell Launch Pro or the SkyTrak more affordable?

With an MSRP of around $1,495, including basic range software, the SkyTrak is overall cheaper than the Bushnell launch pro unit. The Launch pro sells for $1,999.99 solo or $3,000+ when combined with simulation software and peripherals. So, if attaining tour-caliber accuracy at a low price is your top objective, the SkyTrak is a terrific deal.

Early, The Skytrak was selling it’s launch monitor at $1,995 too, but now prices gets down which ultimately benefited to customers.

Which sensor technology is used in the Bushnell Launch Pro Vs SkyTrak?

The Bushnell Launch Pro employs a combination of Doppler radar and high-speed video sensors to monitor both clubhead data at impact and ball flight. The 80GHz radar correctly measures clubhead speed, route, face angle, and attack angle, while intelligent image recognition tracks launch angle, backspin, side spin, velocity decay, and total distance.

Similarly, SkyTrak employs twin high frequency radar sensors as well as optical imaging devices (photometric camera sensors). The radar technology monitors club and ball parameters directly off the clubface, while continuous photos of the ball’s full trajectory enable precise assessments of launch, peak height, landing angle and location, curvature, and carry.

How accurate is the Bushnell Launch Pro versus the SkyTrak?

Bushnell says that the Launch Pro is accurate to within 1% of a professional outdoor launch monitoring system. Independent testing confirmed this, demonstrating an extraordinarily high level of precision and consistency over a wide range of shot forms.

SkyTrak accuracy is independently evaluated and confirmed to be within +/- 2-3 yards of carry distance, +/- 2 mph for clubhead and ball speeds, and +/- 2 degrees for launch angle. While both systems provide ample accuracy for serious play and practice, SkyTrak has a minor advantage on paper.

What issues should I consider regarding setup and portability?

The Bushnell Launch Pro is designed for simplicity and portability. Its automated calibration, rechargeable battery, and sturdy design allow you to start shooting in under a minute, almost anywhere. It can also withstand incidental ball strikes.

SkyTrak’s radar positioning, on the other hand, requires more precise placement and calibration. It also lacks battery power for total portability and necessitates a protective screen to prevent sensor damage from stray shots.

What are the software and analytics differences between the Launch Pro and SkyTrak?

While Bushnell’s free E6 Connect app offers a lot of real-time feedback and aggregated session statistics, SkyTrak works with more powerful golf simulator software. SkyTrak is interoperable with platforms including as GSPro and E6 Connect, which enable advanced practice games, virtual course play, club gapping tools, and progress dashboards. However, this freedom comes at an additional subscription expense.

Which launch monitor is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use?

The Bushnell Launch Pro is designed primarily for portable indoor/outdoor use. Its integrated stand, rechargeable battery, and durability make it simple to install in a garage net or limited flight simulator. While SkyTrak can adapt to these environments with protective screens, its size and power consumption limit spontaneity when compared to the ultra-mobile Launch Pro.

Can I use the Launch Pro or SkyTrak on the driving range?

One significant feature of the Bushnell Launch Pro is its target mode, which allows it to detect shots without positioning the monitor in the ball’s flight path. This means you can utilize it to get feedback while continuing to practice normally. SkyTrak does not provide a similar offline tracking functionality for range use.

Which launch monitor is ideal for club fitting and adjusting wedge yardages?

While both the Launch Pro and SkyTrak provide extremely accurate club and ball data for gapping wedges and fitting clubs, SkyTrak may have a little advantage in stability across thousands of repeating cycles. So, for a devoted golfer’s long-term launch monitor investment when precise precision over time is critical, SkyTrak is well worth the extra cost.

Can I use other golf simulator software except the ones included?

SkyTrak has one benefit over the Bushnell Launch Pro: interoperability with top simulator software platforms such as GSPro and E6 Connect. Bushnell’s E6 Connect app provides exceptional portability, but it is presently only accessible as software. SkyTrak allows you to pair with your preferred software for specific functionality or entertainment preferences.

Do Bushnell and SkyTrak provide warranty coverage for defects?

Yes, both launch monitors come with basic warranty coverage. Bushnell covers defects for one year and offers extended warranty plans for the Launch Pro that provide up to three years of coverage. However, SkyTrak’s normal guarantee does not cover impact damage, so an additional protective screen is strongly recommended for long-term integrity.


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