In this in-depth analysis, we’ll examine at the Full Swing Kit launch monitor review of features, accuracy, and overall value. Since its introduction in late 2022, the Full Swing golf launch monitor kit has sparked interest among both amateur and professional players.

As one of the more affordable high-end launch monitors on the market, the Full Swing kit strives to make launch monitor technology and insights available to a broader variety of players.

We’ll go into detail on how the launch monitor compares to prominent competitors like TrackMan, as well as the components included in the Full Swing kit.

Key features such as ease of setup, portability, software, statistics, and pricing will be discussed to help you decide whether the Full Swing kit is the most inexpensive launch monitor for improving your game.

Review: Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor

full swing kit launch monitor review

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What’s Included In Full Swing Kit Package?

The Full Swing kit launch monitor comprises a primary launch monitor device as well as many extras that provide detailed swing and ball flight data. Here’s a summary of what’s included in Full Swing Kit launch monitor’s package:

1) Tripod provides a stable base for placing the monitor.

2) Protective Enclosures – shields the monitor unit from weather and debris.

3) Full Swing Launch Monitor Unit: small primary unit analyses club and ball data.

4) The Carry Case stores and travels the launch monitor and accessories.

5) Charging cables and batteries – keep the monitor powered up.

6) iPad—loaded with proprietary software to examine and analyze swing data.

7) Practice balls are used for indoor swing analysis and training.

The launch monitor itself is lightweight, weighing only 5 pounds. It is designed to be incredibly portable, allowing you to utilize it both indoors and out on the range or course. The addition of an iPad with pre-loaded software simplifies setting up and reviewing your swing statistics right out of the box.


Key Features and Technologies Used:

So, what exactly does the Full Swing kit launch monitor include? Here are some of the most important characteristics and technological capabilities:

1) Adjustable Height: the tripod extends from 25 inches to 59 inches high.

2) Sidespin Tracking: Measures sidespin on shots to demonstrate dispersion.

3) Portable Design: The entire package packs into a carry case for simple transit.

4) Wireless Connectivity: connects to iPad and accessories without cables.

5) Ball Flight Tracking: measures ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance, and more.

6) Doppler Radar + High Speed Camera: precisely measures club head speed, path, face angle, attack angle, and more.

7) Indoor and Outdoor Use: flexible tracking for both simulation and real-world on-course use.

8) Lie Angle Measurement: analyses the impact spot to determine the proper lie angle for clubs.

9) Rechargeable Battery: lasts up to 8 hours per charge for adequate practice time.

10) iPad Software: an easy interface for analyzing swing statistics and progress.

The Full Swing kit’s mix of radar and high-speed video data provides extensive shot analysis capabilities at a reasonable price. It excels in monitoring club delivery parameters and ball flight statistics to help you perfect your swing.


Accuracy and Performance

full swing kit launch monitor review

For any launch monitor, accuracy is critical. There’s little point in having fancy measurements and data if they don’t accurately reflect real-world performance. Overall, the Full Swing kit delivers excellent accuracy, particularly when compared other monitors in a similar price range.

However, it has some limits in cases of extreme high or low spin. Here’s a breakdown of its accuracy in key swing and ball flight metrics:

> Ball Speed: Within 3 mph of TrackMan.

> Club Head Speed: Within 2 mph of TrackMan.

> Backspin: within 300 RPM of TrackMan

> Carry Distance: Within 3 yards of TrackMan.

> Launch Angle: Within 2 degrees of TrackMan.

> Sidespin within 200 RPM of TrackMan.

The readings for club and ball speed are extremely accurate, providing most golfers with relevant data. The launch angle is also highly accurate for correct gapping and trajectory optimization. Backspin is fairly accurate on most shots, with slight deviance on high-spin strikes.

The Full Swing excels in portability and ease of usage. After only a few minutes of calibration and setup, it produces accurate and usable data. You can be hitting shots and analyzing swing metrics minutes after getting to the range.


Software and Analytics:

The iPad software provided with the Full Swing package is intended to maximize ease and utility. Following each shot, you will receive a variety of statistical information and swing analysis. Metrics are presented in understandable graphs and diagrams.

Critical elements such as attack angle, dynamic loft, and club path are highlighted to emphasize precise swing changes. Side-by-side comparisons to past swings or target benchmarks can help you improve over time.

Full Swing also just brought out their new FSX app, which syncs with the monitor to enable extra data visualization and analysis. It is a free app that works seamlessly with the supplied iPad.

The software prioritizes consumable information above detailed technical complexity. This makes it ideal for novices while also handy for seasoned players. While it may lack the depth of a TrackMan, it offers useful advice at a reasonable price.



full swing kit launch monitor review

One of the Full Swing kit’s main advantages is its portability. The entire product is neatly stored in a carry case for convenient transit. Here are some examples of where it can be used:

1) Practice facilities – Improve your teaching and club fitting.

2) Indoor simulators – Use practice balls to dial in your swing.

3) Outdoor range – Easy to put up anywhere on the range.

4) Golf course – Receive real-time feedback throughout your round.

5) Backyard – Practice at home and run drills.


The rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours, allowing you to record swing statistics even during the longest range sessions. And, at only 5 pounds, the launch monitor will not weigh down your golf bag when utilized on the course.

The Full Swing kit is designed to be portable, allowing you to practice anywhere you wish to enhance your game.

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Pricing and Value Analysis:

The full swing kit launch monitor sells for $4,999.00. That puts it in a great sweet spot, giving premium-level launch monitor features and accuracy at a reasonable price for avid golfers.

If you want to buy it on EMI basis then it will costs you $230.66/month.

Here’s how it stands up value-wise vs competitors:

> Full Swing Kit: $4,999.00

> FlightScope Mevo+ costs $1,995, but has far fewer features.

> TrackMan 4: $19,000 for tour-level precision.

> SkyTrak: $2,000 less accuracy and portability.

> Garmin R10: $1,500, includes basic swing/ball data

For less than $5,000, the Full Swing package delivers an outstanding combination of accuracy, software analysis, mobility, and insights. The kit’s nature also allows it to provide all necessary accessories immediately.

The lower price point enables a much larger number of golfers to obtain high-quality launch monitor data for practice and progress. While not as exact as a $20,000 TrackMan, it delivers 90% of the results for 20% of the price.

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Overall, the Full Swing Kit launch monitor delivers excellent performance and features for the price. The accuracy outperforms key club and ball speed measures.

Portability and software usability are also significant advantages for convenience. Extreme spin rate performance and the addition of more detailed statistics are areas for improvement.

However, as an accurate and reasonably priced launch monitor, it delivers both performance and delight.



Here are some customer reviews of the Full Swing golf launch monitor kit:


“I’ve previously utilized high-end launch monitors but couldn’t justify the $15,000+ price tag. The Full Swing kit provides all of the data I require at a fraction of the expense. The monitor is extremely accurate and portable. The app allows me to easily track my swing progress. It has already helped me adjust my wedge and driver distances. Highly recommended for golfers who are serious about improving their game using data.”


“This launch monitor has been a game changer for my practice sessions. I use it in my garage to record all of my swing stats and ball statistics without having to visit the range. The setup is always simple, and the battery lasts a long time. I wish the iPad that came with it was a little larger, but the ability to evaluate my angles of attack and dynamic loft has helped me decrease my scores.


“As a college golf coach, I needed an affordable launch monitor that was also portable enough to be used in both the simulator bay and on the course.” The Full Swing set has been a great answer. It’s simple to set up and move about. My golfers enjoy being able to receive Tour-level swing analysis. The price range is great for our small team budget while yet giving the data we require.”


“I practice with my Full Swing launch monitor many times per week in my backyard. It’s a fantastic value at 80% of the performance of a $20k Trackman. My striking and launch angles are much more consistent, and the battery holds up well. My only concern is that I wish the software provided more thorough metrics, but it’s excellent value for the money.


Accessory: Rear Golf Mat Extension

Peoples are also buying rear golf may extension along with full swing kit launch monitor. This will not cost you much it comes at $229.99 only.

full swing kit launch monitor review

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Conclusion: Whether To Buy or Not?

The Full Swing kit is a fantastic choice for golfers wishing to improve their practice with launch monitor data at a reasonable cost. It combines high-quality Doppler radar technology and ball flight analysis from the industry leader in golf simulators into a small, practical device.

The accuracy and software make it simple to incorporate useful swing and ball flight information into your practice regimen. Portability broadens its utility to indoor, outdoor, and on-course settings. While the software might go further, it concentrates on actionable metrics the ordinary golfer needs.

If you want quality launch monitor performance for less than $5,000, the Full Swing package is well worth considering. Given its affordability, accuracy, insights, and portability, it’s one of the best budget launch monitors on the market right now.



What are the main features and technologies of the Full Swing kit launch monitor?

The Full Swing kit precisely tracks crucial swing and ball flight metrics by combining Doppler radar and high-speed photography. Club head speed, attack angle, route, face angle, ball speed, launch angle, backspin, sidespin, and carry distance are all important characteristics. The portable monitor wirelessly links to the bundled iPad, which has straightforward software for analyzing your swing in detail. It’s as accurate as top monitors like TrackMan yet costs a fraction of the price.

How accurate does the Full Swing compare to other launch monitors?

Overall, the Full Swing provides exceptional accuracy, particularly for club speed, ball speed, launch angle, and carry distance. It deviates considerably at severe spin rates more than 5,000 RPM. However, for most mid to low handicap players, the accuracy is more than enough and provides valuable insights. Ball speed is within 3 mph of a TrackMan, and carry distance is within 3 yards. That means it is more than 90% as accurate while costing only 20% as much.

What type of technology does the Full Swing use to track shots?

The launch monitor uses radar and high-speed photography to precisely track your swing. The radar precisely measures clubhead speed, route, angle of attack, and other delivery parameters. The camera captures over 3,000 frames per second, providing detailed ball flight data including as speed, launch angle, backspin, and sidespin. This dual-technology method contributes significantly to the Full Swing’s precision.

How durable and waterproof is the launch monitor?

The Full Swing launch monitor has an IP65 waterproof casing that keeps the equipment safe from weather, spills, and debris. The supplied case protects the entire set while transportation. While not indestructible, it is designed to withstand frequent outdoor use by golfers if properly cared for.

How long will the rechargeable battery last?

On a full charge, the internal battery lasts up to 8 hours. This is enough time to do numerous extended range sessions before needing to recharge. The bundled battery pack, cords, and case make it simple to keep the monitor charged when used frequently.

Can you use the Full Swing set both indoors and out?

Yes, one of the Full Swing’s most notable features is its versatility for both indoor and outdoor use. The supplied tripod adjusts from 25″ to 59″ in height to fit both simulator bays and outdoor hitting surfaces. Use it with indoor practice balls or actual balls on the range and course. The mobility effectively maximizes practicing possibilities.

What types of data and graphics does the software display?

The kit’s user-friendly iPad software visualizes vital swing and ball flight statistics. You’ll observe club head speed, attack angle, dynamic loft, swing path, face angle, ball speed, launch angle, peak height, carry distance, spin rate, and other metrics. Metrics are presented in respect to prior swings and target benchmarks, allowing you to track progress over time.

Does the kit include everything you need to start using it right away?

Full Swing’s comprehensive kit includes a launch monitor, tripod, iPad with software, battery, enclosure, transport case, chargers, calibration tools and practice balls. This avoids any hidden additional fees. Simply charge it and start fine-tuning your swing in minutes using tour-level information.

Can you use the launch monitor during a golf round?

Absolutely. The portable, lightweight design allows for easy setup on any tee box to track your swing and shot outcomes. Receive real-time feedback throughout the round without slowing down the pace of play. Just make sure to protect it from incoming shots from your playing mates. It’s an excellent tool for gathering on-course performance information.

How much area will you need to set up the launch monitor?

One advantage of the Full Swing kit is that it requires little room to function properly. A minimum of 5 feet of ball flight is necessary. However, the adjustable tripod allows you to utilize it even in smaller indoor simulator bays. Outdoors, it may be put up anywhere on the range or course, requiring only 10 feet of space perpendicular to the hitting area.

Does the launch monitor require calibration before each use?

Basic setup and calibration take only about 60 seconds. The integrated elevation tool and practice balls make it easy to start tracking your swing right away. It’s a one-time calibration that stays accurate as you dial in modifications during your practice session. There is no need to recalibrate unless you change the hitting surface or location.

Does the monitor work with any phone, tablet, or just the iPad?

Currently, the Full Swing kit software only works on the bundled iPad. The latest FSX programme will function with iPhone or iPad to supplement data analysis, but the iPad is still necessary for setup. Full Swing is developing an Android app for future connectivity. For the time being, only the iPad’s exclusive software enables complete capability.

Can you compare your data to the PGA Tour golfer averages?

Yes, the software incorporates PGA Tour averages for key measures such as swing speed, launch angle, spin rate, and carry distance. This allows you to compare yourself to the best players in the world and establish improvement targets. The comprehensive statistics of Full Swing utilized on Tour help enhance your game to the highest level.

What types of training games and features are included?

The programme not only monitors your swing but also provides training games and challenges. You can focus on improving the launch angle, minimizing dispersion, tightening shot shape, and other key aspects. This gamification provides you with defined practice goals to help you meet your personalized performance aims.

Is the Full Swing Kit suitable for club fitting and teaching?

With its precision and software insights, the Full Swing kit is a fantastic tool for club fitting analysis. The data shows exactly how different shaft, loft, and head options effect ball speed, launch, spin, and dispersion. For instruction, it allows you to provide visual swing feedback and track progress over time. It’s a useful tool for fitting and training.


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Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor Review

96% Best Launch Monitor

The Full Swing kit launch monitor is a fantastic choice for you if you wish to improve your game with launch monitor data at a reasonable cost. It combines high-quality Doppler radar technology and ball flight analysis from the industry leader in golf simulators into a small, practical device.

The accuracy and software make it simple to incorporate useful swing and ball flight information into your practice regimen. Portability broadens its utility to indoor, outdoor, and on-course settings. While the software might go further, it concentrates on actionable metrics the ordinary golfer needs.

If you want quality launch monitor performance for less than $5,000, the Full Swing package is well worth considering. Given its affordability, accuracy, insights, and portability, it's one of the best budget launch monitors on the market right now.

  1. Excellent club and ball data accuracy
  2. iPad software is intuitive and useful
  3. The carry case design is highly portable
  4. The rechargeable battery lasts up to eight hours
  5. More affordable than top monitors
  6. Easy to put up indoors and outdoors
  1. Excessive spin shots reduce spin rate accuracy
  2. Software lacks depth compared to top monitors
  3. The iPad display is somewhat small for data
  4. The tripod is a little cumbersome to adjust
  5. Cannot integrate club tracking sensors
  • ACCURACY 96 %
  • USABILITY 95 %
  • FEATURES 96 %
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0 %

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