The Bushnell Launch Pro is among the most advanced personal launch monitors available today. It delivers detailed information on each shot, allowing golfers to better their game. However, the Launch Pro is locked when purchased and requires an unlock code to use its full capability. In this post, we’ll show you how to unlock the Bushnell Launch Pro launch monitor and start using its powerful tracking and analysis capabilities.

Bushnell Launch Pro Unlocked

how to unlock bushnell launch pro

Why Unlock The Bushnell Launch Pro?

The Bushnell Launch Pro launch monitor costs roughly around $5000 and it includes the main unit, grass mat, tripod, and carrying case. At this price, you should be able to use all of the monitor’s functions to improve your practice and game. However, out of the box, the Launch Pro simply measures distance and club speed, albeit with high accuracy thanks to Bushnell’s superior doppler radar technology and algorithms.

Unlocking the unit allows you to access statistics such as ball speed, smash factor, launch angle, spin rates, carry distance, and other detailed parameters. Only with the entire array of analytics can you fully use the Launch Pro to focus on specific areas of your game and track meaningful progress over time. Unlocking unlocks the monitor’s full potential for providing a better, more efficient practicing experience.


Obtaining Your Unlock Code:

New Bushnell Launch Monitor users have two alternatives for unlocking their device: an instant digital code or a mailed code card.

1) Digital code:

The fastest way to unlock the Launch Pro is to buy a digital unlock code from Bushnell’s website. It costs $99 and will be emailed to you immediately in an automated confirmation message. This allows you to start using full access right away.

2) Code Cards:

Bushnell also offers physical unlock code cards that can be mailed to you. This costs the same $99 as the digital code, but you must wait for shipment. The Launch Pro boxes indicate whether the shop gave a postal card or an instant digital code.

If a physical card was previously supplied, Bushnell still offers a quick digital code for the same cost. Some golfers enjoy the collecting quality of the printed card, but the digital option is speedier if you want to use the Launch Pro’s full stats straight immediately.

Purchase Your Unlock Code From Official Site   


Steps For Unlocking Your Bushnell Launch Pro:

After you’ve obtained your Launch Pro unlock code, unlocking the display is simple. Take these steps:

1. Turn on your Launch Pro unit and wait for it to boot. The unlock code prompt will display onscreen.

2. Locate the unlock code. If you purchased the instant digital code, please grab the email from Bushnell. For a real card, have the code written on it.

3. Carefully enter the entire unlock code into the Launch Pro’s touch screen. Take care to enter the code precisely.

how to unlock bushnell launch pro

4. After inputting the full code, hit Unlock on the screen. Do not turn off the unit until the unlock process is complete.

5. If you typed everything correctly, you should see a confirmation that the Launch Pro has been unlocked. All analytics will now be completely available!

If you encounter any problems with the code or unlocking process, please contact Bushnell support for assistance. Keep any digital emails and physical code cards in case you need to use them again in the future.

Bushnell Launch Pro Setup Guidance


Getting Started With The Unlocked Launch Pro

Once enabled, you will have entire access to the Bushnell Launch Pro’s data and tools to help you improve your practice. Use some of our tips to get started:

⇒ Use the data to identify and improve any lagging areas. The analytics will show you exactly how alterations affect your shoots.

⇒ Take some baseline measurements on your clubs to begin analyzing strengths and weaknesses. Pay attention to the smash factor, spin rates, launch angle, and other important variables.

⇒ Experiment with virtual simulations of famous courses in the Launch Pro. Discover how your distances and ball flight lead to legendary holes.

⇒ Compare equipment using the side-by-side club testing tool. See performance data to help you choose the best gear for your game.

⇒ Set the appropriate wedge lofts and yardages for your swing speed and angles. Fine-tune your wedges for precise shots.

⇒ Track trends and improvement throughout numerous practice sessions. The stats show whether you are making meaningful changes over time.

⇒ Create specialized drills and challenges to enhance your strike, consistency, yardage, and areas of focus. The Launch Pro provides the data you need to create a more effective practice strategy.



Unlocking the Bushnell Launch Pro provides a valuable practice tool for modern golfers. The extensive analytics and functionality justify the additional upgrade cost for the complete experience. With the procedures outlined above, you may quickly unlock the unit and begin training more intelligently. Consistent practice with the Launch Pro will result in a more repeatable, efficient swing and improved on-course performance.



Why is the Bushnell Launch Pro locked when I purchase it?

Bushnell locks the Launch Pro’s full analytics and capabilities at the time of purchase for a variety of reasons. First, it allows them to provide the base device at a lower price point. Casual users may only want basic distance and speed, so they can get the Launch Pro for less, whilst sophisticated users can unlock additional capability later. Second, it lowers the risk of returns after golfers recognize they won’t use or require the complete analytics. Only those who are serious about using the data will pay to unlock it, as it is initially locked.

What metrics and features are provided before I can unlock the Launch Pro?

Before unlocking, the Launch Pro calculates distance and speed to help you track your shots. You will receive the total ball distance, swing speed, ball speed, and smash factor. While not trivial, this is in comparison to the 10+ metrics available after unlocking. These contain precise spin rates, launch angle, apex, anticipated carry and roll, and other information. Virtual simulations of notable courses, as well as side-by-side club testing, are disabled until the unit is unlocked.

Is unlocking difficult or risky?

The process of unlocking the Launch Pro is intended to be quick and simple. Simply locate your bought unlock code, type it carefully into the Launch Pro’s touchscreen when required, and wait for confirmation. There is little risk as long as you enter the code exactly as specified. Avoid shutting down the unit in the middle of the process. As long as the procedures are followed, even inexperienced users should have no problem unlocking their Launch Pro.

Can I use a digital and physical unlock code on the same Launch Pro?

You can only use one unlock code per Launch Pro unit. The code used to unlock the device will be permanently saved. Do not buy physical and digital codes for the same display. Depending on how quickly you need access, choose between instant digital delivery and mailed physical cards. Both offer the same full unlocking capabilities.

What if I lose my unlock code? Can I recover or reset it?

Unfortunately, lost unlock codes for the Bushnell Launch Pro cannot be recovered. You’d have to buy a new code to unlock it again. This is why it’s vital to keep your digital code email or physical card in a secure location. You may need to refer to it again if you perform a factory reset on the display. To avoid problems, take a photo or make a duplicate of your code as a backup, if authorized by the restrictions.


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