uneekor eye xo2 installation

Uneekor EYE XO2 Installation Complete Guidance – HRC

Hello HRC users we are back with the solution with regard to the new Uneekor EYE XO2 launch monitor’s installation guidance. Here we will teach you what are the minimum space requirements and tech bundle required for Uneekor EYE XO2 installation.

All pro golfers already know about the new EYE XO2 launch monitor features. If you still want to know the details you can check here: Uneekor EYE XO2 Review.

Uneekor EYE XO2 Installation Guide

uneekor eye xo2 installation

First of all before reaching to the space and tech bundle requirements we should know what components are included in Uneekor EYE Xo2 package.

What Components Comes Up With Uneekor EYE XO2?

  • Uneekor EYE XO2 Launch Monitor
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Power Cable 11 Feet
  • Connector
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Ethernet Adapter
  • 60 Feet LAN Cable
  • 10 × M4 32mm Screws
  • 10 × M6 15mm Screws
  • 4 × M6 15mm Screws
  • 4 × Lower M6 15mm Screws
  • The View Software
  • Calibration Charts


Uneekor EYE XO2 Space Requirements

Recommended Space 12’W × 9’H × 14’D
Minimum Space 10’W × 9’H × 14’D

We suggest you to follow the recommended space requirements it will help you play your game smoothly.

Depth: You will need 7-8′ space between your screen and projector and the total putting area should be 9-10′ from your screen.

Your EYE XO monitor will be installed on the ceiling 3.5′ in front of your hitting zone. For backswing you will need extra 5′ area.

Height: The EYE XO2 monitor should be installed 9-10′ above the hitting area. We recommend 10′ for better accuracy.

If your ceiling height is above 10 feet then use wall mount and adjust the distance to 9′-10′.

Width: We recommend 13′ minimum width area for comfort playing and if your height is 6 feet or more then go for 15′ width room area.

If you are still not getting exact idea of the space requirements then watch the below image for more understanding.


uneekor eye xo2 installation

EYE XO2 Technical Bundle Requirements

CPU Intel i5 8th Gen or Higher
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, AMD Ryzen 3600X,

AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen or Higher Version

RAM 8 GB Minimum
OS (Operating System) Windows 10 64 Bit (Mac iOS not Supported)
Ethernet Port Required YES


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