how many golf clubs in a bag

How Many Golf Clubs In A Bag? What Are These 14 Clubs?

As a golfer you must have knowledge of every aspect of this game. Today in this article you will get to know each and every detail about golf bag, how many types of golf bags are there and how many golf clubs in a bag you can carry.

As per Golf governing bodies R&A and USGA (United States Golf Association) you can carry upto 14 golf clubs in a golf bag. See below official governing body statement for further clarity.

how many golf clubs in a bag

Official Rule No.4 of Golf (Player’s Equipment):

“Rule 4 covers the equipment that players may use during a round. Based on the principle that golf is a challenging game in which success should depend on the player’s judgement, abilities and skills, the player:

  • Must use conforming golf clubs and balls,
  • Is limited to no more than 14 clubs and normally must not replace damaged or lost clubs, and
  • Is restricted in the use of other equipment that gives artificial help to his or her play”

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How Many Types of Golf Clubs Are There?

When you say golf clubs there are total 14 types in it, each club has its own different perspective and use if golf game.

  1. Driver
  2. 4 Hybrid
  3. 5 iron
  4. 6 iron
  5. 7 iron
  6. 8 iron
  7. 9 iron
  8. Pitching Wedge
  9. Gap Wedge
  10. Lob Wedge
  11. Sand Wedge
  12. Putter
  13. 3 Wood
  14. 5 Wood

These are official golf clubs, do not use any other clubs while playing official golf tournaments or mini games. You will not get qualified by using other clubs even if you have game skills and abilities.

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You Are Required To Have All 14 Clubs?

Absolutely not, It is upto you that with how many golf clubs you are comfortable to play with. It is not compulsory to have all these 14 different clubs in your bag to excel in golf game.


What is The Most Common Setup of Golf Bag?

Well, As per our Honest Review Center team experience you are required to have 1 driver, 1 putter, 5-9 irons, 4 hybrid, wedges, 3 wood and 5 wood in your golf club.

This set of golf clubs are being used by professional golfers. The choice of wedge selection is upto you that whether you use pitching wedge, lob wedge, sand wedge or gap wedge or any combination of multiple wedges.


What Are The 14 Clubs in a Golf Bag?

  1. Driver
  2. Putter
  3. 1 Hybrid (mix of wood and iron)
  4. 2 Woods (3 & 5 size)
  5. 4 Wedges (sand, gap, lob and pitching)
  6. 5 irons (5 to 9 size)

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